Monday, 1 June 2009

Hot 'n' horrible

Well today me and Poppy (above) have been lolling around in the heat. The fan helps but it is still pretty horrible up here in the attic.

We have only had one reserve this weekend, but it is for a gorgeous little lad that called Jacks, a 2yrs old Jack Russel cross. He came to us via the RSPCA Pet Retreat scheme - who help women and children fleeing domestic violence but don't want to leave their pets behind. The perpetrator threatened to kill Jacks if the lady didn't come and take him away. She decided her life was not settled enough to foster him to us and so decided to sign him over for adoption. So please keep your paws crossed the home visits passes.

Poppy wants me to tell you all how beautiful she is - but you can see that for yourself. She has been rolling around and giving me her tummy to tickle for much of the day. Poppy is staying here whilst her conjunctivitis clears up, cos she couldn't stay in the cattery cos of the risk of it spreading.
Poppy is going to be the most amazing companion to someone, she is so attentive and loving and only a little girl, even though she is about 1 year old. Her antics make me smile and she's always jumping on my lap and laptop for attention.
Tonight she has me until late as I have meeting about our forthcoming summer fair and dog show at Chorlton Park. At the moment everything is coming together nicely, just need some raffle prizes - everyone if being really tight at the moment.
Anyway, the last bit of news I must share before I go is that we have found a wonderful new home for our Siberian Husky Mika. She is going today at 5pm and has truly landed on her paws!