Monday, 12 October 2009

Very giddy

My day started brilliantly with a call at 9.15am to say that Ordsall Arts are going to pay for Ordsall residents to have their pets chipped for free at the event we are doing on Sunday - that means they will pay us the cost of each chip we do - just bloomin' brilliant - so chuffed cos it means we aren't out of pocket and more animals will get done.

But then things just got better. Over the weekend:

Amy the cat, Blackie the elderly dog, my kitten Sparkle and Kia and Lucy (mum and daughter dogs) all went to their new homes.


Cloud, Celia, Tilly, Ellie and Charlie the cats all got reserves on them - yippppeeeeeee!

So excited, especially cos Tilly and Ellie's home visits have been done and passed too.

We have 5 new admissions so far - a guinea pig and a 9 week old grey torty kit that we are collecting from the RSPCA clinic as I type (obviously not me collecting, Jo is). Then I took in a gorgeous 4mth old white and black kitten at the weekend called Millie but she couldn't cope with my zoo so went to Jo's zoo instead. A woman just walked in and just abandoned her in the reception of the clinic!

So, cos I had space again I could take in a little 11 week old kitten that Inspector Ben collected in Stretford on Saturday morning instead. My husband thought he was seeing things as I swapped the kittens whilst he was sleeping - as a result our latest addition is called Respray because he thought I must have resprayed her black and white!

Things with the gala are looking up too and ticket sales are good. Just don't want to tempt things just yet but I'm feeling very excited - though wish to god I would stop waking up in the night about it - 3 times I woke last night - grrrrr!

Anyway, hope you like the piccie of lucky kitty Celia who has a reserve on her. She was nursed back to health by us after sustaining a nasty collar injury from one of those nasty elasticated cat collars - ban them, is what I say!