Sunday, 10 January 2010

White out

I have been frustrated at not being able to get to my blog sooner this week. So much to share and tell so I may now have to do several mini blogs so you can see all the fab piccies I am bursting to share.

The snow has been a real challenge this week but I am loving it! There has only been one day when we haven't been mobile and that was Tuesday, the first day of the snow, but the rest of the time I have been bobbing around in my hubbies 4 wheel drive campervan driving to the animals to do pick ups and drop offs.

Where our bunnies are, up in Hazel Grove, is near to Woodford, which recorded record low temp one night this week of minus 17.8 degrees. I was expecting to get a call about a frozen rabbit or two but they are all doing well with lots of extra hay and snuggle boxes.

The dogs are keeping warming in their kennels by being kept shut out of their runs and having the heating on - rather that then they freeze. And the cats are all snuggley warm cos they have heat pads in their beds so all in all we are doing fine.

The snow is, of course, seriously effecting 'business' and we have only had one adoption this year and that was for pretty kitty cat called Pudding who came into us all bedraggled and cold the day after Boxing Day. I took her to her new home yesterday (because of the road conditions) and it was just magic to see hers and the children's and the adults' utter delight at her arrival. I could have stayed all night marvelling at their happiness but of course I couldn't! It really made my week and I am so happy Pudding was only with us such a short while.

Another new admission came to us on New Year's Eve and is pictured above - a shitzu cross. Prior to Christmas his owners were issued a warning to get an eye condition treated by a vet, a follow up check on New Year's Eve revealed they hadn't and poor Rudy (we named him after Rudolf) was still suffering. The dog was signed over and we got him to the vets to find him underweight, seriously matter and having an ulcer in each eye. The ulcers are healing nicely and he is being groomed tomorrow, all being well weather wise, and he is going to need 'fake tears' putting in his eyes for the rest of his life because of his breeding he can't lubricate his eye balls well enough when he closes his lids - doesn't mankind have a lot to answer for!

Anyway, Rudy is ace and I am officially a fan! He is 2 years old, and absolute poppet, loves nothing more than a lap to sit on and to be centre of attention. He should hopefully find a home pretty swiftly but he definitely needs company all day long.

So, enough for now and I will start a new one with rehomed animals update.