Sunday, 4 April 2010

How many more?

This beautiful dog is Dribbles. She came into our care late Wednesday afternoon. The inspector who brought her too us had been involved with Dribbles for 6 months; each time she visited to investigate complaints the owner was seemingly not in. When she finally got access to Dribbles she was being kept locked in a garage, and despite requests not to continue keeping her locked up in this way, a month later another complaint call came in about her being kept locked in a garage. Finally, last week, the owner contacted the inspector and said he was willing to sign her over for rehoming, so she came into our care...and now I know why.

On the Thursday we found her to be in great discomfort in her spine and back legs. Just a gentle touch on her back and she buckled and sat down. We got her to the vets and found she had waxy ears and severe dental disease as well as apparent spinal problems. She went away with pain relief and antibiotics with a view to having further investigations after the bank holiday. Already at this point we were fearing the worst outcome and she was so clearly 'not right'.

This morning I got a call first thing; Dribbles had collapsed in her kennel, unable to stand up. I got down there and it took 3 of us to lift her into the van. I sat with her at the vets for an hour, such were the other number of emergencies. I watched how much she was suffering and in pain and so there was just no other option but to let her go. The vet, of course, concurred, and felt that she likely had a tumour too.

Dribbles was just 4 years old and looked like she had been used for breeding, which would probably explain why she was kept locked up all those months. She was a beautiful, gentle natured girl who was failed by humankind - even by us. We got to her too late.

I wish I could tell you that this is all the sadness we have experienced this week, but sadly a third dog called Princess has arrived with a desperate history too. I confess to becoming tearful when I repeat it, so I shall spare you for now. For today my sorrow is for Dribbles. I hope she finds a better place to be and the peace that she deserves.

I'm sorry we failed you Dribbles. Rest in peace big girl.