Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Support the RSPCA 8!

On Sat 18th Sept all of our dogs will be taking part in our annual Mutt Strutt to help pay for their keep!

For each dog that comes into our care it costs the branch an average of £560 per dog. With over 60 dogs a year to look after that's an incredible £33,600 per year for dogs alone.

Here is how your money can help:

£1.70 pays for a collar
£5.50 pays for a Kong toy to keep them occupied in their kennel
£8.50 pays for a day's boarding in the kennel
£15.00 will pay for a kennel cough vaccination
£30.00 will pay for a dog castration
£50.00 will pay for a bitch spay

So, please will you sponsor our pooches? You can go to:

And make a donation to their Mutt Strutt fundraising page or send a cheque to:
RSPCA Manchester and Salford
565 Wilbraham Road
M21 0AE