Monday, 25 October 2010

My Big Fella

My big fella (pictured above) aptly named Biggun (full title Ivor Biggun), came from what we call a 'multiple animal case'.

My friend texted me on Friday to say the owner had finally been convicted and there was a full report about the awful conditions the 92 animals were kept in. I was really shocked by what I saw, I guess more than anything because we all rarely get to see just how bad things are.

Biggun was one of only two rabbits in the place, both of which we took in. One of the inspectors told me that his cage was so small that he couldn't fully lift his ears. Biggun is a Continental Giant.

To see the full report follow this link:

Biggun has definitely been 'damaged' by his past. He is incredibly territorial, highly values his space and possessions, he is a grumpy sod and can take offence at anything and anyone and isn't immune to boxing you when you aren't being quick enough with his breakfast or he has had enough of the loving strokes you are giving him. But whon wouldn't be after what he has been through. And besides, I love him so much and I'm so glad he is mine.