Saturday, 14 May 2011

Russian Roulette

The excitement of having raised an astonishing £1048 during RSPCA week sadly didn't stay with us beyond Tuesday morning. It has been a rock bottom week this week and I'm just relieved that my first weekend off in weeks has landed on this one.

This week has seen us loose a rabbit, kitten and dog. Each desperately sad, in different ways, and add up to nothing short of me and Mel feeling miserable.

The phones have also been really challenging this week with so many calls that make you simply despair. Hannah came into help us out on Thursday and she described the office phone line like a game of 'Russian Roulette' - and it is such an apt description. You see you just never know when you are going to get shouted at and abused but what you do know is that it is going to happen.

We also know that each day will bring a call or three from members of the public who have allowed their animal to suffer. Some of these types of calls have really stuck in our minds this week and I can't, obviously, go into too much detail but you would be amazed at the number of people who leave their animals to suffer when they have a very clear need to see a vet. Typically people ring because they think we are the RSPCA vets that are based in Salford.

During the call you inadvertently learn how someone will have left their pet for days unable to walk, stand, eat and/or live comfortably. Invariably we feel this is down to apathy, ignorance and/or complacency. Some calls really do stay with you and at times you find yourself genuinely struggling to sleep easy knowing that such neglect has taken place and worse, could be continuing. I often say I wouldn't wish answering our phone line on anybody; it really is that vile at times.

And then the working week ended so perfectly with our AGM failing to be 'quorate'. In a nutshell what this means is that we didn't have enough members attend for us to meet charity rules to be able to operate for another year. It means I have to set up another AGM for the branch by the end of June if we are to continue. This is no small task and such a pain and couldn't have come at a worse time.

There have, of course been moments of light relief, namely in the form of animal adoptions and reserves. Perhaps my favourite being that of our wonderfully grumpy, fluffy, mop-head bunny Cuthbert who found himself a girlfriend and the pair of them fell for each other big style and are just giddy little kippers together!

There was also the moment when the most enormous, towering pallet of freebies arrived from Supreme Petfoods for our Rabbit Welfare events in 2 weeks time. It was like receiving the biggest and bestest Christmas present ever - we are still sorting through it all but can't wait to share the spoils at our events in Stretford, Wigan and Eccles.

And tomorrow Mel and I will be bellowing to our hearts content as we cheer on Hannah, Sarah, James and Michelle as they run the Manchester 10k for our branch. If you want to come and join us then head for White City at around 12noon and we'll be stood with our branch banner making lots of noise for these fantastic runners!

For now, I will leave you to enjoy pictures of a miracle. Above is pictured Archie. When he was adopted 14 months ago he was a trembling wreck that cowered under the table in our downstairs office. But his mum and dad were up for a challenge and were smitten by his sweet nature. Yet within 48 hours of taking him home Archie dramatically changed in character. It seemed he had just been severely missing his home comforts and settled right into his new home and found his confidence and became the Lion King he really was!

It was wonderful to receive the updates on him last year but to hear how he is getting on a year later was a magic moment for me. I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I do. Just shows what a bit of love can do.