Monday, 5 September 2011

Wish list

A wee while ago we mentioned on Facebook that we are in desperate need of new cat toys. Well, our wonderful friends Jemma and Lucy from Furry Feet Pet Care spent their own hard earned money on kitting out several of the cattery pens. Awesome, or what! Thank you so much ladies.

Around the same time I asked our new staff member Debs to write a 'wish list' and she got really creative on me and sent a beautifully illustrated doc to me whilst I was on leave. It hasn't quite translated to the blog but the pics and words give you a flavour. I just had to share!


Multi platform scratch posts like the one recently donated BUT big enough for an adult cat. Most of them are a bit small, they are still fun but most of the cats can’t fit in/on them, think they are designed for kittens really but something like these would be dandy. Nothing too complicated or closed in.

DANGLIES! Apart from the couple of dangly sticks recently donated, most of them have seen better days, thanks to Ben and Gideon! The ones on an actual stick with either a ball or feathery thing on the end go down the best, the string ones tend to break quickly and can easily wrap around the cat.

RADIATOR BEDS are really great if they are sturdy. Because they have to hook onto the mesh the material which holds the bed together has to have holes made in it to be able to hook it over, if the bed is sturdy the cats love it!

CAT TENTS or soft material houses to go on the floor in the cattery would be nice as a lot of the cats like sleeping in the corners on the floor but as its tiled it’s very cold. Just something comfy and warm that can easily be cleaned would work.

SMALL STOOLS or little chairs would be nice in the cat pens if they didn’t take up to much room. The cats could sit on them and hide under them and then visitors and staff could use them so the cats could sit on knees and have a proper fuss rather than sitting on the floor."

We need to kit out 6 more pens so if you have any items that your cat doesn't use then please can our rescues have them?