Sunday, 10 June 2012

Manchester Day Parade

Today we have proudly taken part in the Manchester Day parade along 89 other community groups, amounting to a total of 2,500 participants.

The cheering crowd were fantastic and we received lots of clapping as we made our way round the course and it was truly an uplifting experience.

So, here is us in action from start to finish....
Getting dressed up.
The big wobbly heads proved difficult to balance.

Suddenly realising what they've all let themselves in for - 3 hours of wearing hot costumes in sunny weather!

Ready to get going. Nerves were felt amongst some of us.

The nerves really hit us as we entered the parade route and saw the swell of the cheering crowd.

People clapped as we came into their view and we could hear them saying, "Look, it's the RSPCA!" This made our day.

Very nearly at the end, and after 2 hours of dancing the 'animals' are desperate to get undressed!

The End.

Thank you to Walk The Plank (especially Helen and Paula), Manchester City Council, the wonderful crowd, but above all to our oustanding staff and volunteers who took part in a day to remember and truly did us proud. I am so very proud.