Saturday, 11 May 2013

Really Splendid People Compassionate about Animals

I'm exceptionally tired after an exhausting week of working long hours. Much of it has been taken up with and preps for the fair and fun dog show that was supposed to take place today. But trying to set up stalls in the rain and battling against the wind with gazebos was no fun whatsoever. The weather was the reason why we decided not to do such an event last year, but we came back after a year's break determined it might just work out this time, but alas the weather got the better of us yet again.

Maybe it's over-tiredness, maybe it's a sense of pride, but I'm sitting here feeling quite emotional looking at the pictures of the rehomed dogs that came along to say hello to us today. I think seeing all the pictures of the pooches has given me a jolting reminder of what incredible work the RSPCA does and what incredible adopters exist out there: thank goodness!

Here's the stories behind the pictures on our Facebook page from today:

This is Rolf on arrival. He came in with his mum and dad, Sadie and Bobby. They had been well loved dogs but their owner was simply incapable of meeting their needs any more, which is evident by the state of his coat.

Rolf was a delightful dog and found a wonderful new home in South Manchester. His human mum and dad came along today and surprised us with the Rolf you can see below.

The rain soggied Rolf somewhat but believe me when I tell you he looked amazing. He was such a happy, healthy looking lad and so incredibly well loved.

I recognised him in an instant and I have to say he stole a piece of my heart right there and then!


I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this donkey! I've tried to find the picture of him travelling in my car when I collected him when he was just a wee 4 month old pup, but alas I have failed. But let me tell you this wonderful natured puppy has grown up to be an 18 month old BFG! Arthur is his name and he has turned into such a beautiful chap and such a doting family dog.

I remember Arthur came over to us from the South Yorkshire inspectorate and I tootled along to collect him in my old micra and there he sat, strapped up in the back of my car, good as gold. No evidence of worry or puzzlement, just taking everything in his stride and enjoying the company.

I had the privilege of doing Arthur's home visit, and boy did he get lucky finding his forever family. Seeing him a year on was just marvellous - he's grown so much and is so lovely.

For me this dog can be described in one simple way; a hero. I still fill with pride when I see Benny or talk with his mum about him. I hope for animal kind everywhere we never meet another 'Benny' because what he went through was just vile.

Benny was thrown out into the backyard and left to starve to death. He was so thin that he weighed less than half of his ideal body weight. He was so thin that the female inspectors that rescued Benny were able to lift him with just one arm.

Benny's owners were successfully prosecuted and Benny was successfully rehomed two years ago.His mum and dad remain great friends and supporters of our branch and only last week the three of them raised £85 for us collecting at Tesco for RSPCA Week.

Benny now weighs more than double the body weight he had when he was removed from his cruel existence and is so fit and well now hat he accompanies his mum on endurance runs! I love seeing Benny and knowing that there is even hope in the darkest of places.

I bloody love this dog! We all bloody love this dog!

Ellie is her name and for the life of me I will never understand why she was overlooked for so very many months.

Ellie is probably one of the best dogs you could ever wish to meet and it was simply a crime that it took so long to find a home.

Thankfully her mum and dad could see exactly what we could in Ellie; a personality bursting with love and a heart of gold. Ellie looked as wonderful as ever and undoubtedly very happy and it was definitely worth the very long wait for Ellie as she couldn't be in better hands, with super proud 'parents'!

For as long as I live I will never, ever forget Harley. He was adopted earlier in the year just as we were beginning to give up all hope.

Harley had been returned to us after 4 years following a house fire. He was a different dog to the one that had left us and took quite some time to build his trust. After 3 months in our care he was in great shape but an ageing, bull-breed cross was not at the top of everyone's shopping list.

Harley caught the eye of a Twitter follower who spent 10 days thinking about him, revisiting his pictures and write up. And then we got the call - "Can we meet Harley?" I nearly fell off my seat in disbelief. The rest, as they say, is history and his new mum and dad have worked wonders with him. It may have taken us 5 years but we got there in the end. Harley genuinely deserves the moon on a stick and I reckon he's got it!

Peggy is without doubt the best dog in the world! Peggy was well loved by her original owner and it shows through to this day. She was a result of an accidental breed between a staffie and an American Bull dog. One of a litter of eight her owner understandably struggled to feed so many mouths so the inspectors came to the rescue with food, neutering vouchers and taking in the remaining pups. We got got Peggy and her sister Poppy.

Peggy is unquestionably the best friend anyone could wish for and her new mum and dad certainly had their dreams come true when they adopted her. They saw through the breed prejudice and to the beautiful girl that she is. I heart Peggy and always will.

Jacky (left) is our Deb's dog and here, for the first time in a year, she is reunited with her sibling Barry. They were a large litter of collie pups that got snapped up by the amazing adopters. Barry was an absolute credit to his family and such a handsome, well-behaved lad.

All the litter have grown up to be leggy collies. Just goes to show you can't always tell how they'll turn out. With Peggy we thought she'd be huge but she's just a classic staffie size.

The day would not have been complete without these two sisters being reunited. Hand-reared by the staff team from 10 days old after their mother rejected them, we are all immensely proud of how Molly and Dag have turned out.

The girls are nearly 5 months old and are just the apples of our eyes.

Molly and her mum and dad have well and truly become members of our 'family' and we get to unite the girls regularly.  I love watching them together and can't wait for the next play date!

Harley was thrilled to see his 'kennel mate' Deb. The pair of them developed a deep and lasting bond whilst he was in our care and as you can see he hadn't forgotten her.

Rolf enjoying a fuss and he too remembered his old friends.

And perhaps my favourite picture of the day is this one below of Jacky. It's because it sums up the great washout that it was with a quizzical look of bemusement from Jacky as if she is saying, "Can we please go home!"

It may have rained, it may have poured but we had a fantastic time catching up with old friends. Tiredness is greatly creeping on me but my welling eyes are most definitely through pride.