Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Shockingly quiet

I think today has to be the quietest I have ever known the phones to be. It's compounded by the fact that my colleagues Jo and Catherine are on leave today and so I feel like I'm in a bubble with only Poppy and her tummy to tickle - oh how she loves to show you her tummy!

This morning she was full of beans and had me playing dangle stick whilst trying to write cheques for our weekly mound of bills - she had great fun and made a boring job far less boring. Currently she is asleep in my tray of printer paper. Everytime I go to fill the printer up the paper is covered in Poppy hair - it's so sweet!

I have been going through our long stay animals today and found myself seriously worrying about if we will ever find homes for long stayers like Charlie the staffie (see below). In my sleep last night I came up with the bright idea of postering/leafleting Glastonbury Festival when I go. You always find loads of posters for bands, events and campaigns knocking around so I thought I'd have a go in the Green Fields area where the vegan stall is usually located - you never know, it might help.

I'm hoping some of you guys might have some bright ideas too - you know - websites, locations, events wtc where I could promote them from. To be honest, at this moment in time I'd be happy if we just found a home for one animal, as it so torturously quiet on the rehoming front.

I'm planning to go to Feast on Sunday to see if I can get more stall holders to attend our Fair (we've nearly 30 now), but maybe I should go along with some fliers of Ben and Charlie too?

I will have ponder, but I'm guessing there would be no harm done, hey?