Friday, 16 October 2009

Pictures of our new guys

I thought you'd like to see our new admissions... second picture is of Axel. The poor lad is as frightened as he looks in the picture. I don't want say his story out loud but needless to say he is going to need an extra special forever home he is so timid and scared. When he first arrived it took three days of coaxing and hand feeding to get him to eat. Two weeks on and he is only now brave enough to leave the kennels to go for walks. It's heart breaking.

The first pic is of Jasper. He arrived Tuesday and is just an absolute poppet. Approx 2 years old his owner had mental health problems and couldn't look after him so just kept him in the back garden 24/7. I'm so pleased he is in our care as is a lovely fella who will find a fab new home pretty quickly, I hope!