Sunday, 10 January 2010

Rehomed Animals Update 2

So, onto my favourite subject of all ....bunnies!

Check these fluff balls out.

The little lady on her ownsome is called Pencil now, but was formerly Leah. This picture makes me smile so much because this little girl was a freaked out monster and now look at her! She was abandoned along with 5 other rabbits in Tatton Park. She was bitten all over and very scared, seemingly having been kept in close proximity to other rabbits, all of which unneutered
Her new mum reports that when she first arrived she was too scared to come out of her litter tray but now, just after a few weeks, she hops onto their laps for dinner and is even beginning to tolerate strokes.

How rewarding is that. I love bunnies.

And check the pair of mischief makers out! they are Buddy and Cleo. They were born in August after their mum was found running stray along the gardens of Princess Parkway with 4 other rabbits. She gave birth to 8 kittens and they all survived! We still have Dandelion and Kiwi waiting for homes.

Buddy & Cleo's family absolutely adore their babies and we get regular updates and fantastic pictures.

It really makes our day getting to here how everyone is getting on. Over Christmas I even got a dvd of one of my kittens, all grown up, playing with his matey. We also had lots of written updates and photos and some very generous donations too. I am so grateful to everyone who supports us , but above all, please keep sending those pictures cos it really keeps us motivated (Catherine especially gets excited and I save them up to show her them all in one go!).