Monday, 1 November 2010

Things that have really touched me

It has been a tough few weeks and things aren't getting any better - the number of animals in our care is up to 85 (51 on the rehoming side and 34 case animals). There is just two of us doing the care side at the moment and it's really hard going but, at the same time, it has been a pleasure to see people offering their help and support, and, above all, expressing their gratitude for what we do. This is so rare to hear, yet so great to hear.

I came into the office today to find a parcel in my name and inside were lots of rabbit enrichment toys. I don't know who sent them in but it was just so great to know that our 'Rabbit Appeal' had touched someone and they had taken the trouble to order and send in some gifts for our case bunnies - I can't wait to give them out tomorrow. Thank you, whoever yo are.

People have been showing their kindness in other ways too - we have been inundated with offers of homes for Little Tess, pictured above. I swear, we could have rehomed her 50 times over and all over the UK too. I'm pleased to say she went to her new home on Friday.

I was also at one of adopter's homes last week after having taken her baby boys for neutering. She absolutely blew me away when she said she wanted to make a donation to our work and subsequently wrote out a cheque for £300. This has never happened to me before. It was amazing.

And then, on Saturday, anonymously through the post arrived a cheque for £500. Now that has never happened before, either. Just fantastic.

I have, of late, been seeing some amazing acts of kindness and this afternoon two more came along.

Firstly, I got a call from a lovely guy who we helped in late August when he had exhausted all possibilities of finding somewhere for his beloved dog to go following the breakdown of his relationship and being made homeless. He faced the very real possibility of putting to sleep his beloved dog because nowhere could help him after 4 weeks of trying. We took his dog into our care. Missy was her name and she was the most beautiful spirit.

We were lucky to rehome Missy in matter of weeks. And after a month of being in her new home her new family sent us through some wonderful photos of her settled in. The pictures spoke a thousand words so I printed them off and sent them to Missy's former owner - hoping with crossed fingers that the address we had on file would see him get the comfort he was no doubt longing for - to know that his girl was happily rehomed.

He was so pleased we'd sent him the photos that he rang up to thank us. He said he would treasure them forever and that not a day had gone by without him wondering and worrying about how she was doing. His gratitude was immense and his relief evident and he has pledged to help us help other dogs in need with regular contributions once he is back on his feet in the new year. And, what's more, I really do believe he will, and, I suspect our dogs will be enjoying some lovely treats before Christmas too.

I am so grateful to Missy's 'dad' for showing me a different side to human kind that was so genuine and compassionate. I really hope he can find peace in his heart now and rest easy that his girl has found a very wonderful forever home. (You can see pictures and an update of Missy on our website).

The last thing I want to share with you is about the future adopters of our puppy Frankie. Our lad was abandoned with a fractured leg. In fact, it was well into the healing process by the time he was dumped and now he faces an uncertain future with his leg as he is still struggling to weight bare and the leg muscle has atrophied. The nature and location of the fracture meant that to intervene with surgery would have been even more harmful. Frankie has been with his foster mum for 6 weeks and has another two weeks before he is due another check up. During this time one of the foster mum's friends has fallen in love with him and today they passed their home visit with flying colours.

Frankie's new owners have told us that no matter what the outcome is with his leg they still want him and they will do all they can to help him with whatever he needs - physiotherapy, hydrotherapy - absolutely anything at all. They have really fallen for him. They visit him daily and have already been out and bought him £200 worth of goodies!

So, whilst it maybe tough going at the moment, it is inspiring to know what love and support there is out there for animals, and I just want to thank everyone who cares, supports us and helps us out because we surely could not do this without your compassion and love.