Friday, 3 June 2011

Our Branch Has Got Talent!

What an incredible 7 days we have just had. We have rehomed and admitted an astonishing number of animals (well, for our branch that is) and we are on a high. I'm really not quite sure where to start with all the news there's just so much to share....

Cats and kittens - well, wow! Over the bank holiday weekend we had 9 adult cats reserved and rehomed (that's out of 11 cattery pens) plus 2 kittens were reserved and rehomed, which meant by Tuesday we had lots of spaces to fill, so we did, but not before finding one fantastic new home for 3 little kitten boys. They had come into our care at separate times but become best friends whilst in the same foster home. Pictured above is Wilf, he is 1 of 3 boys, and we are so chuffed they are going together.

This week we have admitted lots of new cats and kittens and it is so apparent that kitten season is in full swing. The last admission of the week arrived at 3.30pm today and were a group of 3 little girls, about 3-4 weeks old, who had been found by builders constructing the new metrolink line by Manchester airport. Mum was nowhere to be seen but must have been returning to them as they are in good, chunky health! They will now join Poppy (who you may have seen on Facebook) and be hand-reared by our foster parents Carmen and Rick. Rick is doing the night-time feeds so Carmen and I chuckled at the prospect of him having to cope with 4 hungry, demanding mouths at silly o'clock. We are, however, very grateful to you, we are just grateful it's not us!

We also admitted more adults than I can actually remember, another 2 kittens found in a play house in their garden, and we have another 6 kittens to come in yet and 1 adult cat! They are at the RSPCA vets and we are waiting for them to be given the 'all clear' along with a gorgeous fluffy boy cat too.

On the rabbit front, oh, dear - yes, well, I was weak and said 'yes' when I should have said 'no' because we are still very much over capacity on the rabbit front. But I kinda thought that with Isaac Big Boy going to his new home tomorrow I'd get away with it. So, we said 'hello' to Margot.

Margot was found roaming stray and was successfully captured (albeit reluctantly) by members of the public. The next day an RSPCA officer collected her and brought her to us, and boy is she stunning. She looks kind of hare-like, but pretty with it, and has such a striking, confident personality. I'm so glad I said yes and I would have got away with it if it hadn't been for those damn pesky kids.

The Scooby-Doo villain was right this time, again! I had my worst lapse since last year when I heard an inspector utter the words: 'baby bunnies', 'you look after them so well' and 'lop eared'. I caved. Readily.

See what a bit of flattery and fluffy bunnyness can do to me! So, currently in my spare room are 3 picture-postcard cute, lop-eared babies. Squeeeeeeaaaalllll!

And last, but in no way least - Bruno. As I type I am imagining Bruno laid out in his new home watching Britain's Got Talent with his new family. If ever a dog deserved a forever home, Bruno is the one. I am hoping with all my heart that he has really found his home for life this time. He is a wonderful, special dog who deserves the moon on a stick after everything he has encountered in life.

Bruno was adopted as a puppy from another branch, and returned a few months later to the branch of origin through no fault of his own. Nearly a year on, he was still in that branch's care and still waiting for his happy ending. So, when we found ourselves with a few empty kennels a few weeks ago we went knocking on their door and offered to take him in, hoping that a new area would make all the difference......

Bruno wasn't an obvious 'looker' and whilst we could see him for who he was we figured that this was the main reason why he had been overlooked. After we had completed our assessments of him we placed him in foster care to learn more about him. And wow, what a difference that made! What leapt out within just a few short hours was one of the most wonderfully loving and good natured dogs.

It is with great satisfaction that within less than 2 weeks of putting him up for adoption Bruno found the home he'd been waiting for all along. It is entirely thanks to his foster mum for inviting him into her home, that we have what I can only describe as a potentially fairy tale ending. (I try not to get too excited until they've been in their new home without any major mishaps for a week or two). But, nonetheless, it sends goosebumps up my arms just thinking of what we have hopefully achieved for this beautiful lad. I'm hoping with all my heart he has found third time lucky forever.

We are going try our hand at helping another dog in a similar predicament next week, but for now the newbie dogs of the week are 2 Lurcher types who's owner was unable to give them the care and attention they needed. Following complaints from people in the neighbourhood of abandonment, one of our inspectors investigated and the dogs were signed over to our care.

What it means with all this activity is that we only have 1 dog up for adoption, but keep your paws crossed because he has a viewing tomorrow!

So, I'm sure you'll agree this has been a very eventful 7 days. I am about to embark on my first proper weekend off in over 2 months - yes, that's right, our Catherine is back! And what a pleasure, relief and delight it is to have her back.

All's well ........... for now.