Friday, 9 September 2011

Ruby and Rio

Ruby and Rio pictured above were little miracles we took into our care in August. They were found dumped in a communal recycling bin along with 2 other kittens in July. They were all desperately ill, 2 didn't make it, and Ruby and Rio took two weeks to recover from their ordeal at the RSPCA vets.

We then faced the struggle of rehoming them because they are seemingly deemed less desirable because they are black. But, they (and us) got a lucky break at the end of last month and were given a forever home by the Jachim family who were won over by our policy of rehoming kittens in pairs. (We only rehome single kittens if there is another cat in the home).

Today we received the most wonderful update in our email inbox that I simply had to share with the world!

"Thought you might like an update on Rubes & Rio and their progress!

Firstly they were very quick to settle in - in fact they were purring in the carry case when we picked them up from their foster mum! They've really adjusted to their new life and are sunbathing on the windowsill as I write this!

We expected Ruby to be very shy and for Rio to be the bolder cat, but in fact Ruby was much more curious than Rio in exploring the house - and even more surprisingly she eats more then him too! She is very loving and really enjoys to be around people. She will often follow me around the house purring until I pick her up; she's a very sweet little girl with a lot of character.

Rio causes the most trouble. One of his favourite hobbies involves sneaking along the kitchen counter and retrieving sweetcorn husks, banana peels and so on from the food waste bin. He chews fingers and still suckles on Ruby - she doesn't seem to mind - and he is the baby of the two definitely. Whilst Ruby is quite happy to be independent of Rio, Rio will harass his sister and bother her until she agrees to curl up with him. Rio has a toy giraffe who he adores and he loves to lie on his back on a lap and have his tummy rubbed whilst he chews a finger or two!

Both of them love chasing each other round the house and fighting. Despite his definite size advantage, Rio is often the truce caller as Ruby is incredibly agile and persistent. Then they're quite happy to clean each other and march around looking for trouble or a different sort!

They're expert footballers (they play it with a ping pong ball) and they're very confident. We can't believe how much fun two kittens can have together, and we love having two sneaky little creatures running around. Thank you so much for entrusting us with them, they're very much spoilt and loved by all the family!"

It's moments like this that make everything all worthwhile. Thank you Jachim family.