Sunday, 8 July 2012

Runs through our veins

None of us enjoy returning to work after a fantastic holiday but alas it has to be done. Although, I suspect there are few folks out there that have to absorb the multitude of updates, confessions and problems that I do! The updates always carry on into the next day and get to the point where I think I'm loosing my mind cos I can't take any more! But with that said, it is somehow reassuring to be back amongst the chaos and juggling that comes with running our branch.

The  updates can be easily summarised:
  • We've had a rabbit explosion
  • Cat vet treatment costs have hit an all time high
  • We've had an excellent run on cat/kitten adoptions
  • And our much loved Kia dog was returned and rehomed in 4 days
Five new arrivals became 12 in a matter of minutes after admission.
The break was a welcome opportunity to (almost) switch off, but it isn't long before the realisation dawns that animals are your passion, vocation and obsession. I find myself coo-ing at every dog I see, or scathing at inappropriate owner behaviour, or, as I found myself one day, scrutinising the actions of an owner attempting some kind of 'alpha roll' on a puppy. 

As our Debs heads off for a week holiday (leaving us a third down, again) I'm under orders to keep her posted on the progress of our beautiful dog Lucy, who is currently at the vets quite poorly. Debs also confessed to feeling guilty about leaving China (the dog) for a week because of the strong bond they share. 

Catherine, on the other hand, has decided we are both part-timers! But she'll be getting her 'revenge' soon with her own holiday time. But she too is just as engaged and potty about our furries and particularly worries like crazy about our animals too. 

Thanks to food and hydrotherapy Paddy has weight gained 5kgs and gone up for adoption!

It just seems that animal welfare runs through our veins. And you know what? I don't think we'd have it any other way. 

Catherine and I are looking forward to a week ahead of more chasing our tails, long days and worrying about some of our poorly animals like Rory, Lucy, William and Ted. Holidays are great but animals are better!