Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Mum's need love too!

This post is by volunteer cat cuddler, and adopter, Jacquie Cahill.

Last Friday – whilst I was at the cattery –  made me think.  We have lots of beautiful little ladies who have just raised their kittens and are now looking for their Forever Home, whilst still being little more than kitten themselves.  Yes, we all find the newborn kittens cute beyond compare and adoption can be fast, but I wanted to spare a thought for our Scarlet and what she has brought to our family since coming home in February.
Xyla's kittens, Marble and Duplo
Scarlet (was Xyla) burst out of her cat carrier and jumped into our hearts and home on February 7th, somewhat dazed and a little timid having been found straying on the streets and in difficulty with labour last November, she had raised her two surviving kittens and this was now Her Time.  Determined to make up for lost adventures – but naively unaware of the Outside World – Scarlet initially chose to explore the house on 2 feet; either standing on her back paws to reach up, or doing hand-stands to excavate power leads and dust balls down behind cupboards.  Somewhere amidst this euphoria of discovery she accidentally encountered 6kg Frasier-Cat (formerly Rigby,  adopted from the branch in 2012) on that first evening, quite a bit ahead of plan.  It was Love At First Sight… and the feline friends united as Partners in Crime. 
Thus having breached confinement in any one room, Scarlet did what she knew best… escorting each of the teenage children to bed that first night; then and now always with continuously running commentary of “Brrpp” that is her genetic legacy from being in part (0.1%?) Siamese.  She quickly established the eldest teen (Human, age 18) to be her Mummy-Kitten and deserving of extra TLC – an inexplicably apt bond with the least pet-obsessed member of the family; the two since becoming almost inseparable, with Scarlet being companion (with a particular fondness for the ESC key) and playmate through the stresses of recent A Levels. 
Her rampages through the 3 storeys of the house, in pursuit or pursuing of Frasier, turned our quiet and remote countryside home into a Den of Madness.  This extended into the garden and fields, once she ventured outside.  It was at this point that Frasier introduced Scarlet to his Harem of ex-battery Hens (Frasier spends daylight hours masquerading as a chicken and, to date, suffers the indignity of hours sitting unsuccessfully in the nesting boxes).  And World War III broke out between Scarlet and Edith-Chicken…  Daily ambushes have become the acceptable norm – with each lying in wait for the other; one moment where Scarlet chases Edith across the garden, then with Edith turned and chasing a retreating Scarlet.  Fellow hens Gloria, Gladys and Marilyn look on as the retired elderly ladies that they are, in disgust, feathery hands resting on feathery hips in judgement… whilst Chicken-Cat Frasier runs around in circles in concern with his divided loyalties. 

Indoors, Scarlet does not understand technology.  Working from home has become a challenge for us all because she believes we are talking to her when we are on the ‘phone, so she answers back with trademark aplomb!  TV is for the feeble-minded (a cat after my own heart!) and couch-potatoes require distraction, so Scarlet choses this time to charge into and around the room like a marauding elephant.  She teasingly chews on soft furnishings and swats Frasier’s and teenagers’ ears until someone breaks rank and plays.  ‘Play’ typically involves a small cat and a large middle-aged woman diving behind sofas in a game of ‘Peep’, or practicing ambush skills from behind floor-length curtains.  World Cup 2014 means lots of playtime!  Bedtime is signalled by lights out and a trip to the treats cupboard for a nightcap Chewy Stick, with enough energy in reserve for her to risk life and limb each night in attempting to swipe 6kg Frasier’s stick.
Fair to note that Scarlet is rekindling her snatched kitten-hood and bringing 2 adults, 3 teens, a grumpy cat and 4 recalcitrant hens with her on her Voyage of Discovery.  For the price of cat food and good pet insurance, our lives have been changed for the better in having a little feline Pocket Rocket at home.  Meeting the beautiful young feline Mums last week, who are looking for their Forever Homes now, I hope other families see the opportunity to also experience what these girls can bring to their lives.  We simply love Scarlet (and Frasier, Edith, Gloria, Gladys and Marilyn…. The teens are less endearing!!) and feel very lucky.

Faye is looking for a home and so are her kittens Forrest and Finn

Laika needs a home and so do her kittens Hubble and Sputnik

Chloe is looking for adoption along with all kittens beginning with the letter 'C'

For more info about adoption please visit http://www.manchesterandsalfordrspca.org.uk/cats.html