Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Cat Health Clinic - last few appointments left!

Oh Happy Days!

I have had just about the best news ever today....our longest stay dog of 1 year has got a home! "Oh happy days!"

Harley (pictured) is destined to live with a family in South Mcr following our fundraising day out at Chorlton Water Park. They went to meet him again at the kennels and thought he was smashing, so Jo is going to do the home visit asap and he will hopefully be on his way to a forever home very soon. I was so chuffed I got a bit choked and teary on the phone when the family called to reserve him and arrange the home visit. We love the guy and are keeping our paws crossed that everything works out ok.
"Oh happy days!"
When I rang the kennels to let them know the good news we got talking about our new admission, Axel. Oh, how terribly sad....he was in a home with 5 other dogs and elderly lady who couldn't cope with them all and shut him away on his own in a room. She agreed to sign him over to one of the Inspectors and the poor lad has petrified ever since. He is only about 2 years old and it appears his fears maybe related to how he has been disciplined (if you get my drift). We've got him a DAP collar now to help soothe him but it could be a while before he settles, I mean, he was even having to be hand fed he was that freaked out. It's so sad cos there's so little you can do to make them feel better and reassure them. Although having said that, on the first night Gordon, who runs the kennels with his wife, spent an hour sat with him to try and make him feel better - aw.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday Blues?

Not today! It's actually been quite a positive start to the week and I'm so chuffed to tell you that our gorgeous 1 year old kittens Gizmo and Marble have a reserve on them as do mum and daughter dogs Kia and Lucy - to go together - how fantastic is that, just so rare we find homes for a two dogs at once.

I am, however, still struggling to find takers for our Cat Clinic on Saturday, tis a bit surprising. You'd think people would jump at the chance of vaccinations, microchipping and vet check for £5 - but it would seem not! Money obviously very scarce at the moment. But if you know any cat owners on a low income let us know and we will book them in for the clinic in Longsight.

And we have lots of new kitty cats too - take a look at catchat.org and you'll find all our beautiful newbies. We have a new admission this week called Hatty. She was dumped in a box in the reception of the RSPCA animal hospital last week. We were her last chance today as nowhere else could take her and we'd said 'no' last week, but today we were lucky to have a space and save her from being put to sleep. She's a bonnie girl, all black with a little white bib and only young. Such a relief we could help this time.

And I have had the pleasure of sharing my office with Will today. A rather handsome cat who has clearly been stray for a while cos he's quite thin. But he is so loving and affectionate and really content to be indoors! Though having said that, I can't leave my window open as he does have a bit of a taste for fresh air. He's lovely and has the most amazing coloured eyes, very pale yellow. He's quite stately in his posture, a bit of a 'lord of the manor' sat up on the window sill looking out - he'll hopefully find a home soon. Bless him.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Reflections on a crazy week

It all started Monday, stranded at home due to a bus strike.....by mid afternoon I was being recorded for BBC Radio Mcr, over the telephone, for previews for them coming to my house the next day to do a roving reporter job in my house on how many bloomin rabbits i/we have in our care as a result of an increase in rabbit abandonments. The following morning I waited, and waited some more, but they'd gone to the wrong address so we missed going out live on air and instead recorded a piece that went out at drive time, I even found the link: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p004dwdq/Manchester_Now_with_ Steve_Saul_22_09_2009/

It's on till Tues 29th Sept and it makes me sound like an animal hoarder!

Wednesday was a very bad day, but I'm not going to go into it cos I'll just get stressed again. But, Thursday was heaps better as we delivered rabbit welfare training to Inspectors and seemed to get really positive feedback about how much they had learnt and better understood about my favourite furry companions. (BTW rabbits are classed as exotic pets and shouldn't eat dried food, lettuce or carrots and if you are feeding your bunny this then please email me for more info, I'm here to help).

Friday was one of our crazy days again where I found myself getting nowhere fast but I am pleased to say that the tickets are beginning to sell for the gala evening. But, it's still stressing me out cos I've had no time to go begging for things and promoting the event and I feel like I am running behind schedule a bit. The cat clinic next Sat is having very little interest and I really need to go out leafleting some more around Longsight, where it's taking place, but I'm buggered if I can get there at the mo....you'd think people would jump at the chance of getting their cats vet checked, vaccinated and microchipped for £5.

But with feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment with stuff to do with the branch's finances (i.e. not having any) I'm having the weekend off for a bit of a break - luxury that, two days off in a row!

Let's hope by Monday we have loads of animals reserved and I can tell you lots of exciting things. All I can tell you at the moment is that we've bunnies coming out of everywhere. We're up to 24 and should only have 10. Wanna rabbit?

Friday, 25 September 2009


We are having one of our low days today when we are wondering whether we will ever find homes for our 3 longest stay dogs. So I'm, seeing if national RSPCA will put an alert out on Facebook as they are doing for our cat clinic, which is having surprisingly few takers.

Anyway, thought you would like to meet them all:

Roma has been with us since November 2008, her owners were proseucted for neglecting her and she was very underweight when taken into our care. Roma has had two successful placements in foster care but is still waiting for that forever home because she has a condition called hip dysplasia which means she is on permament pain relief, needs to be kept on a strict diet to keep her weight controlled and only have short periods of exercise. Roma is approx 8 years old and the most loving, friendly dog you could wish to meet. She is fantastic with other dogs and a great all rounder. The branch is able to contribute to her ongoing veterinary care to see her placed in the best home to live out teh rest of her life.

Ben has been with us since March 2009. His owner was terminally ill and so could no longer care for his beloved dog. Ben is a lovely lad, approx 7-8 years old and is desperate for a home for life. He is medium sized cross breed and great with other animals and all people and is so playful and loving. He adores his toys and bounces around with them like a puppy. Ben would suit a home where someone is around a lot as he can be quite vocal.

Harley is our longest stay dog, having been with us exactly one year. Not one person has ever shown any interest in the handsome guy despite extensive efforts by the branch to find him a home. He is a tall staffie cross, a loveable, confident dog that is deseprate for a home. Although he was an unwanted pet following the birth of a child we have found him to be great with children. He is strong on the lead but that is just as much excitement too to be out of the kennels. We really love Harley and home someone else will very soon.

Monday, 21 September 2009


For World Animal Day we are holding a one off Cat Health Clinic on Saturday 3rd October 12-2. For £5 cat owners on a low income can get their cat vet checked, vaccinated and microchipped for just £5. There will also be free care advice and free cat safety collars too.

The event is taking place at Crossroads Community Centre off Plymouth Grove in South Manchester. BOOKING is ESSENTIAL as places are limited. Please call us on 0161 882 0680.

So far we have had a really poor response to the event and it is in jeopardy of being cancelled. I've issued a press release today but unless we get some takers we will have to cancel the event, so please, spread the word!

Really Good Weekend

Well, this morning I'm going to be merrily making my way to the bank with £500 from our fundraising efforts this weekend.

By far the Salford Garden Party was the most resounding success. It was a great day, despite the rain setting in mid-afternoon, but we microchipped 57 dogs for a £1 each and took £122 in total - which is brilliant and very generous of people.

On Sunday we were at Chorlton Water Park Family Fun Day, in aid of Chrisitie's. We put an awful lot of effort in and it didn't really pay off but we still made a few pennies and microchipped 30 dogs, but only 22 dogs entered the dog show.

We also took our favourite dog Harley along for the day to enter the dog show and raise his profile to try and find him a home . Harley has been with us for exactly one year, and for no reason whatsoever. He is a gorgeous, gorgeous dog that has simply been overlooked. He is great with children, crowds, people, other dogs too - he is just quite strong on the lead so needs someone who can manage with that. We are so desperate for him to find a home - see his pics above, isn't he handsome!

On the animal side of things, well, I am delighted to tell you that before we even got her listed on the dogsblog website our beautiful new girl Lynka has found a home in sunny Preston and is leaving us today! Oh, and newbie oldie is definitely called Blackie. I've seen a pic and he is to die for. He is a German Shepherd cross - black and fluffy with a little white bib and such a lovely, lovely dog!

And on the cat side of things, I am chuffed to bits to tell you that my favourite little girl, Poppy, has finally found a home after 6 months. She's been with us for so long because she found the cattery so stressful and so we kept her in foster care but had no interest in her. We tried her for a third time in the cattery and this time she was fine and she got a reserve within two weeks of being there. The home visit is being done tonight so please keep your paws crossed!

Although I'm shattered, I do feel it has been a great weekend and seems a good start to the week.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Kitty Cats!

I am so chuffed to tell you that we've had a good run on cats this week. We have a reserve on Milo, Port, Rosie & Morris, Sooty and we have a lady who will take a cat or cats that we feel are most in need - how fab is that - and people coming to see Cindy (the last two people changed their mind, so it's 3rd time lucky for her) and Smokey.

In one week we have also had to admit 5 cats that we have no space for. By the end of today there will be 4 living in our offices as we just have nowhere else for them to go and had no choice but to take them in. Talk about under pressure.

We have also had a new dog admission this week. He is an old boy of 11 years old, but as he arrived on Tuesday and I've been off the last two days I don't know anymore about him yet. I'm sure he is called something imaginative like Blackie or Rover but I'll let you know more when I do.

This weekend's events are looking more and more - what's the word - mmmm, well, let me tell you. Loads of publicity has been done for the Saturday Salford Council event but no mention anywhere that we are doing microchipping for a £1. And then, yesterday, I find out that the Chorlton Water Park event people were expecting me to have organised their dog show - mmm, yes, a new one on me and not one I had ever agreed to. So, cos they are snookered, and cos it's for Christies Hospital, I've agreed to step in and help with prizes, registration stuff, compering
and finding judges. You know what they say - it'll be alright on the night! But if anyone has any clever ideas for dog show categories that are a bit in-keeping with the theme of Christie's please let me know. .....best survivor, most decrepit, dog most in need of putting down ....oooo, Susie, how naughty!

Anyway my last bit of therapeutic blogging of the day is the gala evening.....
I feel like I have been taken over. I'm even dreaming about it now, such is my sad and pathetic life. But on a positive note, I got my dress from our Chorlton shop for a fiver last week and bought a fab pair of shoes yesterday from Marks and Sparks to go with it - fascinating stuff, huh. I actually think I will rest a lot easier when the ticket sales money starts coming in - it is just so nerve wracking and I'm getting fed up with it all. I don't think I could do this again, my nerves won't take it.

Next time, on Susie's blog...all about her fabulous new kitten. I'm in love!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Fun Packed Week Ahead

I had really hoped to be sharing news about all the zillions of reserves we have on animals today, but it seems to have been quite a slow weekend. We have reserves on our new pretty torty called Port and a hunky bloke called Milo, and I am hopeful we will have reserves on two more cats after just speaking to a lovely lady today.

We've gone quiet on the dog front, although we can't grumble after rehoming 3 last week. We have a new fella coming in on Tuesday who is an old boy at 11 years old. Can't wait to meet him and I only hope that he gets a new home very quickly.

So, the rest of the week ahead is looking pretty busy too with 3 new cats to admit today and events lined, so I thought I would let you know what's going on.

On Sat 19th Sept we are at Salford Garden Party 12-4 offering microchipping to dogs for £1. It is outside Swinton Town Hall and part of an afternoon full of festivities so please come and see us.

On Sun 20th Sept we are at Chorlton Water Park's annual Family Fun Day 11-3pm. There will be a dog show, fair, stalls and us with lots of yummy cakes and things to buy and microchipping for dogs for £1.

Please keep your paws crossed for a weekend of weather just like this one just gone. Please also keep your paws crossed for a money miracle to come our way -we are getting desperate financially and want to keep helping all those furries.

Lastly, I'm on the hunt for the loan of crockery and tableware etc for 150 - does anyone work for a catering firm?

Friday, 11 September 2009

Home Visitors Training

Anyone fancy becoming a trained home visitor for our branch? We are running a training course on Sat 17th October 11-1.30 for you to help us find new homes for animals?

The course is taking place in Chorlton and is open to anyone aged 18 or over with experience of caring for either a cat or a dog or both. It is essential to have hands on experience because during visits potential adopters do ask questions about behaviour and care.

We are specifically looking for people who can cover the any of the following areas:
Manchester city centre, South Manchester, Trafford, Stockport.

So, if you fancy making a difference to animals' lives then please get in touch!

0161 882 0680 / rspcamcr_salford@btconnect.com

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Gala Evening

Hi Everyone

In advance of next week's launch we are promoting the Gala fundraising evening to our supporters now so they get a chance to snap up tickets in advance of the rush.

Tickets are just £25 each or £22.50 if you book a whole table before 30th Sept. You get a wine reception, 3 course meal and live entertainment throughout the night.

Come an enjoy a truly ethical and animal-free gala evening at The Whitworth Art Gallery and raise money for your local branch.
Contact me on 0161 882 0680 or rspcamcr_salford@btconnect.com to book your tickets for this unique event.


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Holiday Forever

That's what I've decided, I want to holiday forever. So, in my bid to have the funds to holiday forever I tried a scratch card and won £2. Tried another scratch card and won a £1. I then got bored and gave up. So, it was back to reality with a bite this morning -literally. My menace of a bunny, Mildred, ever the one for showing her affection with a growl and a nip decided that she'd rather I hadn't returned and sunk her teeth into my ankle this morning, all because I was there. I tell you, if it wasn't for how pretty she is and how much she loves her boyfriend Popeye I'd........

Actually, what was a really nice welcome back was the news that we have 3 dogs and 3 cats on reserve. I am especially pleased because one of the cats, a hunky man called Zeus (pictured), has been with us an unnecessarily long amount of time, just like Mojo (pictured), who I thought would have gone sooner too.
I will of course keep you posted but hopefully they will all be in their new homes by the end of the week - wishful thinking or cheerful optimism? You decide!
Anyway, I know I have a number rather loyal followers and I am ever so grateful to you all. So, I was wondering if any of you might know where I can borrow some trestle tables from for Sunday 20th September's Chorlton Water Park Family Fun Day? Also, does anyone know a celebrity who would like to be guest of honour at our gala evening and compere the auction? And, whilst I'm at, does anyone know anyone good to ask for an auction or raffle prize from for the gala evening? Any help would be really appreciative as I am struggling for time with everything going on at the moment and the more help I can get the better.
In the meantime I'm going to spend the rest of my day off designing the tickets for the gala evening - so if you want one, please ask!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Our animals are finding homes!!!

It's so strange the way we have been lunging from one weird period to another recently. We go weeks without interest in any animals then suddenly there is a flurry on the dogs side of things, and then the rabbits, then finally the cats. But now, we've totally dried up on dogs again - wouldn't mind but we have three gorgeous new girlies in - Bonnie, who you've already met, Duffy - who is 8mths old and GSDx who seems to have been beaten by the way she cowers and responds, and then today a mastiff x called Linka who has been used for breeding and is still quite underweight. Piccies of the dogs are stuck on my phone cos I'm technically incompetent and Jo can't download them from hers cos the software was on the laptop that was nicked last week!

But, on a positive note, here is the low down of who has been reserved since late last week:
Angus the cat, Roma the dog, JP kitten, Betty bunny, Frankie the cat, Scooby & Scrappy the guinea pigs, John the kitten and Jill the bunny. How fantastic is that? A few are waiting to be neutered etc before they can go and pair up with others but things will hopefully work out for them all in the end.

On a really crap note though, myself and James (a Branches Development Advisor from the national RSPCA) were doing a reckie of our finances etc on Friday and things are really dire. We are running at a loss of £335 a day - equivalent to £10,000 a month. It's all down to less coming in and more animals needing our help. I feel so low at the moment. I was so stressed last night that I couldn't sleep and ended up getting up at 4.30am and getting on with some work. How shite is that! But the positive thing is the money is being spent where it is most needed - on the animals.

And my goodness, do we have too many of them at the moment. The number in our care has suddenly rocketed and we've got quite a lot of poorly cats and rabbits - all through neglect. Humans really have so much to answer for, and yes, I'm having one of my "I hate people day" today.

Yesterday it was Jo's turn to hate people. She took home a cat that had broken both it's legs falling out of a flat window. Only the owners didn't get the casts removed or the legs checked and so they have ended up setting wrongly. The poor cat can barely walk and has quite severe muscle wastage. I met him briefly and all he did was stay seated. Jo rang me from home when she had settled him into her spare room and told me it made her cry watching him trying to walk, which, as she said, she rarely does. It is just so heartbreaking and so very very wrong.

So in response to yet another week of human fuckwittery I am going to console myself with lots of lager this weekend as I'm off to a music festival tomorrow to watch Editors and Doves for £25! How cool is that? I'm not telling you where it is though cos you'll all want to go and I want to get embarrassingly drunk in a field.

So, until next week please have fun and find us lots of homes for all our animals.

ps someone is going to view Cindy the persian!