Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Our animals are finding homes!!!

It's so strange the way we have been lunging from one weird period to another recently. We go weeks without interest in any animals then suddenly there is a flurry on the dogs side of things, and then the rabbits, then finally the cats. But now, we've totally dried up on dogs again - wouldn't mind but we have three gorgeous new girlies in - Bonnie, who you've already met, Duffy - who is 8mths old and GSDx who seems to have been beaten by the way she cowers and responds, and then today a mastiff x called Linka who has been used for breeding and is still quite underweight. Piccies of the dogs are stuck on my phone cos I'm technically incompetent and Jo can't download them from hers cos the software was on the laptop that was nicked last week!

But, on a positive note, here is the low down of who has been reserved since late last week:
Angus the cat, Roma the dog, JP kitten, Betty bunny, Frankie the cat, Scooby & Scrappy the guinea pigs, John the kitten and Jill the bunny. How fantastic is that? A few are waiting to be neutered etc before they can go and pair up with others but things will hopefully work out for them all in the end.

On a really crap note though, myself and James (a Branches Development Advisor from the national RSPCA) were doing a reckie of our finances etc on Friday and things are really dire. We are running at a loss of £335 a day - equivalent to £10,000 a month. It's all down to less coming in and more animals needing our help. I feel so low at the moment. I was so stressed last night that I couldn't sleep and ended up getting up at 4.30am and getting on with some work. How shite is that! But the positive thing is the money is being spent where it is most needed - on the animals.

And my goodness, do we have too many of them at the moment. The number in our care has suddenly rocketed and we've got quite a lot of poorly cats and rabbits - all through neglect. Humans really have so much to answer for, and yes, I'm having one of my "I hate people day" today.

Yesterday it was Jo's turn to hate people. She took home a cat that had broken both it's legs falling out of a flat window. Only the owners didn't get the casts removed or the legs checked and so they have ended up setting wrongly. The poor cat can barely walk and has quite severe muscle wastage. I met him briefly and all he did was stay seated. Jo rang me from home when she had settled him into her spare room and told me it made her cry watching him trying to walk, which, as she said, she rarely does. It is just so heartbreaking and so very very wrong.

So in response to yet another week of human fuckwittery I am going to console myself with lots of lager this weekend as I'm off to a music festival tomorrow to watch Editors and Doves for £25! How cool is that? I'm not telling you where it is though cos you'll all want to go and I want to get embarrassingly drunk in a field.

So, until next week please have fun and find us lots of homes for all our animals.

ps someone is going to view Cindy the persian!