Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bloody burglaring buggars

Ooo, buggar and buggar and thrice buggar! We've been burglarised.

This afternoon, Jo and I were upstairs in my office health checking 6 new bunny arrivals that had been let loose in Tatton Park (they are gorgeous) when someone sneaked passed the shop staff and somehow managed to get round the keycoded locked door and get into Jo's office on the 1st floor and steal her laptop.

Wouldn't mind but they must have a very small window of opportunity, approx 4-4.30 and they took their time to identify which cables to unplug and take with, and their was someone actually working in a nearby room.

Beggars belief.

Worst of all is that our excess on the insurance is £500 and the laptop cost £400 so we can't even claim it back. Grrr.

Police have responded really quickly and they will fingerprint tomorrow but it's all in vain. This the second time this happened, last time in December and we thought we had put adequate security measures in place; it's so annoying.

I reckon I won't see my animals until very much later tonight, but poor Jo and Catherine are also burning the midnight oil so I'm not alone.