Tuesday, 11 August 2009


There's no other word for it. In the last few days we have had a record breaking 9 animals reserved, and with other branches needing home visits too we have somet daft like 11 or 12 to do! On top of that, we have admitted 3 dogs and a cat in the last 24 hours. Oh, and the phone hasn't stopped and I'm seriously loosing my voice! But hey, how brilliant is all that!!!!!

So, let me tell you about one of our new dogs.

Tommy, well, doesn't the picture say it all? He is a full on hunky-chunk of a gorgeous lad, a right proper muscly sex bomb. Matt the vet reckons he is staffie cross mastiff and I tell you he is just scrummy yummy.

Tommy has evidently been really well looked after by his previously owner, who reluctantly had to give him up due to a vacation at Her Majesty's Pleasure. Tommy is approx 4 years old and so very very friendly and loving. Catherine and I took him to the vets today and he was just so fab and loved all the attention and fuss. He really was so well behaved and didn't bat an eye lid at the other dogs.
Our other new admissions include an abandoned cat we've called Annabelle who is the grey/gingery tabby and absolutely stunning, a puppy in an RTA that we have to keep for a week in case the owner comes forward and a poor dog that has been neglected for quite sometime and is very underweight and only 1 year old - he has literally just arrived so I haven't seen him yet.

Tomorrow we have 2 more coming in - a kitty cat with a fractured elbow, who is going to come home to me for cage rest for a month, and a very very emaciated cat at just 2.6kgs - which is probably half the weight she should be.

So, I'm reckoning that by the time Jo gets back we will have nearly all new animals for her to get to know.

Blimey it really has been busy these last few days.