Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Ronan Keating song

I always find it hard to come up with a title for each blog and today, what came to mind, was "Life is a Rollercoaster" with Ronan singing in my ear cos yesterday really was an extreme of highs and lows.

Yesterday morning Humphrey bunny was put to sleep whilst I held in my arms. He was just so ill he went instantly. I've never known an animal (except maybe Blue the chinchilla earlier in the year) go so fast. He was just so beautiful and it was just such a waste - and drove me to ignore the salad I had for lunch and gorge on a chip barm. The day before it was an apple and cream turnover to soothe my sadness - not good.

Anyway, then Catherine and I went up to where our rabbits are boarded to check on the new admissions. As I said last time, one of the baby boys was presenting with a wobbly head, well it became immediately evident that he had brain damage, not a middle ear infection or something neurological related to the e.cunicli parasite. He just was so not right. Later on in the day we took him to the vets. Anecdotal and physical evidence pointed towards him having been oxygen starved at some point during his development. He would have only got steadily worse and so the kindest thing to do was to let him go to bunny heaven.

I felt such an utter shit.

Catherine and I then had the pleasure of getting 4 of our dogs to the vets for vaccinations - oh, well, that was fun! I am such a weedy wimp, I couldn't control our 40kg rotti, not cos she was being norty, just cos she's such a big girl, so I stuck to the little ones, but Catherine was impressed with my dog handling skills and my 'guess what that breed of dog is' answers - a game we always play when together. You see, I'm teaching her all about small furries and she's teaching me all about dogs - it's a great arrangement and I'm pleased to report we are both doing well!!!!

And then, in the evening, was our 8th Day talk and Q&A. Imagine our delight to have a full house, a captive audience and the best vegan food in Manchester. It was a fabulous night - Cathy (aka Chief Inspector Hyde) and I were in our element, doing what we do best - talking about our work. We had a fab time, and more importantly, so did everyone else. We over-ran by about 20 mins but there wasn't a bum shuffle in the room.

Our sincerest of thanks goes to Brenda at the 8th Day for suggesting, organising, promoting and running the event - thanks to all her efforts £100 was raised for our charity, which is brilliant. But I have to tell you, the food was just outstanding - you absolutely must go and eat there, it is just superb. I especially recommend the chocolate and cherry flapjack thing on the deli counter.
I make no apologies - I love cake.

Anyway, today is my day off, hence the indulgence of blogging, but I am really chuffed to learn that one of the new baby boys has a reserve on him already! This is just fantastic news cos he's the one whose matey left us yesterday so it won't be long, hopefully, until he is a much loved house bunny in Hulme!

And I'm also going to be in double trouble with hubby....well, not only did i do my annual thing of forgetting our wedding anniversary (yesterday was 10 years and when I booked the 8th Day event it didn't even register that it was an important date!) but it looks like I have another kitten on the way. I am really gonna be in trouble.

Apparently he is a very nervous ginger lad found at the back of Sainsburys on Regent Road in Salford. He was taken to the animal hospital in Eccles, but had I not said yes then he may well have been put to sleep as there really is nowhere else for him because cat rehoming figures, everywhere, are just so down.

So, if you get another blog in the next day or so you'll know I survived!