Sunday, 2 August 2009


I spent my day off yesterday with 'r Julie' putting together our first ever Childrens' Disco to raise money for the branch. We held it at our local church hall and leafleted everywhere and I am delighted to report that people turned up!!!! In fact, we had a great turn out, way more than we expected, and we raised £180. We are so chuffed, cos it was such a gamble.

We kept outgoings to a minimum - we only paid for the hire of the hall. My fabulous brother-in-law did the DJing - and a grand fine job he did too. Julie and my sister-in-law did the food and the rest of my family and friends did the door, face painting, sweets selling etc. What did I do? Yeah, I got to play with the kids all night doing party games and acting the fool!

We all had a great time though, and all the adults and children that attended loved it too and have asked us to do it again. So, if team 'Hughes' agrees we will have another one in October half term.

This weekend we have also successfully moved our dogs closer to home. We were boarding in kennels out in Poynton in Cheshire and what with the distance, travelling, staff time etc we felt it would be more economic to look for somewhere closer to base. So, we are now in the most luxurious kennels in Sale, with the added bonus of Jo (animal care manager) living just a matter of minutes away from it. I am also hoping that we may get to rehome more dogs too, as many people are put off from travelling very far away, but it's a 'watch this space' moment.

I am also delighted that two of our dogs have gone to new homes this weekend too - BooBoo the rotti and Spud, who I told you about recently. It also means that we have space for a new dog, so I contacted our Chief Inspector on Friday and she is putting the word out tomorrow. She tells me they have a few case dogs that have been signed over now, so I am sure we will soon be in receipt of another dog that has had a terrible time. I'm so glad we are here to help the ones most in need.

And, if you did ever want to learn more about how the RSPCA operates then now is the best time possible - Tuesday night at the 8th Day Cafe on Manchester's Oxford Road we are giving a talk all about our work. 8th Day are kindly proving a fabulous buffet and glass of wine, all at the bargain price of £10. But hurry! Cos tickets are selling fast - you must buy in advance - just give the 8th Day a call and you can pay over the phone.

And tomorrow, if I get time, I must tell you about my latest foster bunny Princess - yes, you've guessed it, I'm bursting at the seems again with fluff!