Monday, 13 July 2009


We have had such a good weekend that I don't know where to start...

I suppose the fundraising really must come first -

  • Friday we collected in Asda for 4 hours and got £100, which is great

  • Saturday was the Summer Fair and we had a tremendous response, about 2000 people came along and we had the best weather and fabulous time. We took just over £2000, which is just brilliant. I enjoyed it so much I want to do it all over again, now!

  • Sunday we had a stall a tiny community fun day and in three hours raised £135, which is very pleaseing indeed!

I have to say I am now completely pooped but it's onwards and upwards for a Mutt Strutt in two weeks time, more about that in a later blog.

On the animal front things are also brilliant:

  • A minor miracle in the form of a reserve on our beautiful 10 year old cat Lola. We always take ages to find oldies a new home but we reckon her pretty face is what has swung it for her.

  • We have reserves on two of the three puppies - one going tomorrow

  • We have reserves on 2 of the three ginger boy kittens

  • Monty the bunny's home visit passed today and he is being collected as I type.

  • We also have a reserve on Monty's brother Jonty - I'm doing the home visit on Weds.

  • Sally the dog is going to her new home on Weds
  • Rita the dog, pictured, is going tomorrow

  • My gorgeous boys Joey and Elvis are going to their new homes today along with Jo's foster cat Frank. They are all on my office together at the moment, a little unsure about what is going on! I feel like I'm abandoning my babies :o(

What else do I have to report? Well, we had a featute article in the Trafford Metro this weekend on our animals available for adoption and we have received quite a few calls of this rate we may actually mange to get our numbers down to a respectable level. We have managed to cut from 84 to 70 but our long term goal iss 55 so we can afford to keep going for another few years!

I really feel like smiling lots today, so I am and I will for a few more hours.