Tuesday, 16 June 2009

We're famous at last!!!

We had a bit of excitement this afternoon when one of our trustees Stuart emailed to say he heard us on BBC News North West last night. He said he did a double take, he was that surprised.

It seems the press release I issued yesterday was good enough to make the 10.30 news and they even showed the pictures of the animals in Jo's care. You still view it on their website if you click on 'watch the latest' and then click 'ok' when the media player comes up. The piece on us starts 5mins and 25secs in and last about 30 seconds, so don't blink!

Then, just as Jo was leaving she got a call from a local paper wanting go round to her house and photograph her and the animals! Let's hope it keeps generating some interest and we get some homes out of it for our animals.

And true to form, within a matter of hours of Ollie the cavalier king charles spaniel pup being listed on DogsBlog we start getting calls from all around the country from people wanting adopt him! It has been a busy busy day but there are two strong contenders for him so let's see who goes to walk him.

I'm determined to finish work before silly o'clock tonight so I'm scooting off before the phone rings again. But for those of you who are signed up to our newsletter it has been posted out to you today. If you'd an electronic copy then drop us an email at steve.susie@btinternet.com
Until tomorrow!