Monday, 15 June 2009

Busy Day

Today the phones have not stopped, which is often a sign that things might be picking up.

The good news is we have a reserve on our gorgeous dog Corky and our norty puss cat Sabrina - after she was seen in a recent newspaper rehoming appeal.

The bad news is that the home for our 10mth old cavalier king charles spaniel, Ollie, fell through at the weekend and our yorkie-cross Monty (pictured) was returned yet again after being adopted. The poor lad has now been adopted twice and returned after approx 6 weeks for the same issues - territorial guarding - though it is hardly surprising when you consider that he came from a home where there were 90 other animals, and was likely kept in a cramped cage and not given the necessary attention he deserved. We are now quite desperate though because unless we can find a foster home for him we can't get him fairly assessed by a behaviourist. We are doing a full health work up at the vets tomorrow to make sure there are no underlying health problems but currently the future does not look great for the lad. If you can help, please contact us on 0161 882 0680 or
I also wrote a press release today about our animal rehoming crisis and sent it to all the local media outlets. I can only hope someone picks up. Here it is (I also enclosed pics of the named animals too to increase our chances:

Local RSPCA Branch Closes Doors

RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch is reeling from the effects of the economic downturn and political unrest as few people come forward to offer homes to their 84 animals in need.

In the last two weeks the branch has only rehomed one animal when typically they would find homes for an average of 10 per week at this time of year.

The branch currently has 43 cats and kittens, 11 dogs, 22 rabbits and 8 guinea pigs. With no animals being rehomed there is no space to take in more, income from donations and fundraising is down by a third, which has all led to RSPCA bosses to taking the drastic decision to close its doors to admissions.

Animal Care Manager Jo Yoli says, “At this time of year kitten season is well and truly upon us and we need all the help we can get with finding new homes and feeding hungry bellies.”

Jo has been dubbed by colleagues as the “Cat Saint” because despite having 7 cats, 1 dog and 3 chickens of her own she has opened her home to a variety of other cats and kittens in desperate need of salvation.

In total Jo is feeding an extra 10 mouths - most with tragic rescue stories attached to them. There is adult cat Frankie who was found following the tragic death of her owner, who had fallen down the stairs of her home with her child in her arms. The child survived and Frankie was rescued by RSPCA Inspectors in a heavily pregnant state and very scared. Frankie is now the proud mum of five cheeky ginger boys who will all be available for adoption in the next two weeks.

Frank is a white and black cat that was found in an abandoned property, it is believed that his owners left him behind when they moved out of the home. This is all the more distressing because of Frank’s wonderfully loving personality. Frank is so friendly and affectionate that he cannot cope without the company of other cats and humans and gets very stressed and doesn’t eat if he is left alone. Staff can only imagine the emotional turmoil he went through being left behind like that.

Rupert is a semi-long haired black cat who was found following a serious hit and run. His pelvis was fractured in 4 places requiring many weeks of cage rest for the injuries to heal naturally. Rupert is a very loving and chilled out character and is now fully recovered and desperate to play out again, but whoever adopts him must live in a very quiet road.

Jo says, “If we could just rehome some of our kittens and older cats it would really ease the burden on the branch and enable us to help more animals in need. We really don’t enjoy saying no to desperate cases and really want to be able to start helping again very soon.”

If you would like to offer a home to an animal please contact the branch office on 0161 882 0680. An adoption fee is attached to each animal and home visits are done prior to adoption. Alternatively donations of cat and kitten food will be gratefully received at the branch’s charity shops in Chorlton and Urmston.