Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Quietly fulfilling

It's been a long day on my own in the office today and I think a combination of isolation and sleep deprivation has made me feel quite subdued, not that i need be because we've had quite an eventful day...

My little kitten Elvis (scroll right down to see a pic) did not need to have stitches put back into his deformed eyelid - imagine his relief when he got to go home to an enormous plate a breakfast after being starved overnight for the anaesthetic!

We have also confirmed the booking for a gala evening 'do' we will be holding at The Whitworth Art Gallery in November - Sat 7th - put it in your diary. It will be an ethical animal friendly/free evening with a wine reception, 3 course meal and entertainment - and none of it will involve animals in any form, so entirely vegan, including, I hope, the performers.

The other good news is about Ollie and Lottie (above) - I told you about them last week, they had been kept knee-deep in their own filth and poo was hanging off their fur -well, one of our super fantastic foster carers has already found them a home, posh ones at that enall! They should be going Saturday, so it means we can take in two desperate staffie crosses whose owner left them behind when they moved out - poor loves.

And if that wasn't enough I've finished our latest branch newsletter. More from our ventures tomorrow but if you would like a newsletter or are a talented veggie/vegan and will work for free at our gala evening pls get in touch: