Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Great news folks, we have a reserve on a pussy cat - the first in two weeks - I kid you not!

We are so pleased cos we were beginning to think we'd never rehome another adult cat, or kitten for that matter.

It's quite criminal at the moment, we have kittens in our care that aren't going to be iddy-biddy kittens for much longer and we so want to rehome them so other people can enjoy their kitten magic too. Marmite and Treacle are perfect examples, they are going 15 weeks and have grown so much but they are sisters and totally inseparable and want to find them a home together. Marmite is semi long haired dark tortie and looks like she's plugged into the electricity socket, whilst her sister Treacle is a pretty little dark tortie with short hair.

The lucky cat to get a reserve today is Mrs Lovett (named after the Sweeney Todd character in the film adaptation by Tim Burton, god awful film in my opinion and I love Mr B and Mr Depp - singing should never have come out of his mouth, twas a travesty). Anyway, Mrs Lovett (pictured) was left behind by her owner when she moved out of a shared property - she is only 7months old and a little diamond. She is really playful, loves other cats and is a true mountain goat at heart - she will climb on to tops of doors, kitchen cabinets, dressing tables - anything really.

If the home visit passes then she will get to live in the countryside and go on holiday to a static caravan too, which I know she'd love cos she's so adaptable and good natured. She will also have a companion cat, which will make her very happy as she loves other cats - so let's hope she has found a new home for life and let you know when I know.

Adios until tomorrow.


ps to adopt a kitten or 10 - pls call us on 0161 882 0680