Sunday, 7 June 2009

National Microchipping Month

I can tell you without any hesitation that our event yesterday to promote microchipping for the national microchipping month was an unprecedented success. We had the most crazy day yesterday, the number of animals that turned up was just amazing. It was like our very own zoo or Noah's Ark - there was animals everywhere of all shapes and sizes and types.

We were all totally exhausted by the end of it but at the same time exhilarated. And for once we were rewarded with some generous donations from very grateful pet owners - this is very rare at our events, people barely give at all, but there was a great spirit of appreciation yesterday and we received a total of 447 pounds in donations, which will got towards the 1000+pounds it cost to run it.

In total we saw 232 animals - 1 ferret, 7 rabbits, 97 cats and 127 dogs. This was a record for a microchipping clinic, so you can just imagine how hard we worked!

Our next health and welfare promotion will be for dogs and at our Summer Fair in Chorlton Park on 11th July. We will have vets doing free health checks for dogs and you can then buy, for a one pound each, flea, worming and microchipping - lets hope we get a good up-take.

But what really topped off our day yesterday was the fantastic news that we have found a home for one of our very special dogs called Roma. She has been with us for many months after being starved by her previous owners (who were prosecuted for neglect). Roma was really quite underweight with the added complication of knackered hips. But Roma found love with her new foster mum and Babe, her German Shepherd, and the three of them can't bare to be parted so Roma has finally found a home for life!

If you want to get in touch with us just email: or call the office on 0161 8820680.