Friday, 5 June 2009

Every cloud...

Well our silver lining today was the news that the ill puppy dog we had admitted to the vets yesterday has made a great recovery overnight and was well enough to be discharged today. We are all so relieved and chuffed. He has gone into foster care with one of our super-duper volunteers and I bet it won't be long before he has a brilliant new home too, but I will keep you posted on his progress.

We've been gearing up for a busy day tomorrow and drafting in extra help for what looks like to be a successful microchipping promotion for national microchipping month.

Last year we chipped 75 animals in one day for the same promotion, but this year we have achieved more publicity in the local press and online and we've been inundated with calls. So if any of you fancy it we are offering microchipping for a 1 pound - it usually cost 20 quid at the vets so it's a bargain. It is open to anyone, regardless of income, and it is at St Matthew's Church Hall on Chapel Lane in Stretford opposite the Arndale. Just turn up between 12-4 with your animals and pounds.

And my last bits of cheery news for the day - we took in 3 very sickly kittens from a breeder 3 weeks ago who attended a free pet health clinic we ran in Wythenshawe. One kitten remains very unwell but the other two are doing great and it looks like their foster mum has found them a home, which is wonderful news and the home visit will be done next week - so please keep your paws crossed.

The last thing to tell you is that the Salford Advertiser has run our press release this week to find 3 beautiful cats a new home after they were abandoned in a box outside the RSPCA animal hospital in the very early hours of a cold February morning. We are desperate to find them homes so I'm really hoping we may have some luck this weekend from the article, but we will let you.

Well, I hope you all enjoy the weekend despite the weather, and I'll up date you on Sunday on our Saturday activities with a microchipping gun or two - I know we have some ferrets coming along, which I'm dreading - give me a giddy, wriggly dog any day!