Saturday, 13 June 2009

Long Day

It has indeed been a long day indeed and with not a single call of interest in rehoming an animal. I can honestly say I am very worried about things.

I should also apologise for not posting a blog yesterday, twas my day off and I went to bed!

I've been spending much of today worrying and wondering how we can find homes for all our cats and kittens. I've come up with a story I'm going to pitch to the local paper on Monday, assuming that Jo (our Animal Care Manager) consents.

You see I was having a think about the fact that we have 42 cats and kittens in our care and only 11 cattery spaces and a small handful of foster carers. So it got me thinking that this in itself was a story, because we are so over capacity and have only rehomed one cat in two weeks when we would normally rehome 10-15 at this time of year.

So then I started thinking about the fact that there are so bloody many at Jo's house and that each have such unique stories that I think I'm going to go down the angle of Jo being a cat saint and desperately needing a reprieve!

At first count Jo has - mum Frankie and 5 kittens, Sammy a 12 year hunk, Rupert a recovering rta cat, 2 kittens (see Thursday's blog) - that's 10 already and I'm sure I've missed someone out! Yes, Frank. He couldn't cope in the cattery and stopped eating so he is lauding up at Jo's house with all her own cats and is very content indeed.

So I'm going to put the story together tomorrow in time for Monday morning. If you are very lucky I might share it with you but some of the cat's stories are pretty hear wrenching.

I'm in need of further inspiration so if you have any bright ideas get in touch Enjoy your weekend folks.