Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Well, I promised you puppy piccies and I have not failed to deliver!!! Aren't they just gorgeous, and they are lovely natured too. Holly is the one on the left, then Charlie is the little boy in the middle and Toffee is the little girl on the right. Mmm, and they smell like puppies too, which is arguably better than human babies.

Hopefully we will find homes for them soon as the foster carer is going on holiday in two weeks so the clock is really ticking!

We also have a serious interest in our beautiful beagle cross Rita, who I was worried might be with us for a very long time, so paws crossed she gets visited soon. There was a good omen however, the kennels we use are called Birch Hall, and guess what, that is the surname these people have too!

Plans for the Summer Fair are finally shaping up, all the stuff for the stalls is looking good and we have traditional fairground rides confirmed as well. On a negative, yesterday the forecast was looking good, but today it is predicting heavy rain. I guess we should wait until Friday before getting too worried but always seems such a shame that so much hard work goes into something like this and it is just luck of the draw as to whether the weather behaves..... ah well, what will be will be.