Friday, 3 July 2009

The trouble with holidays... that you just don't want to come back to work!

But I have to say that since my absence we have found homes for the following furries:

Rupert the cat

Katy, Melissa and Max the cat family

Pair of guinea pigs and a single guinea pig - all in one day!

Molly kitten

Jessie, Luke & Bo kittens

Ollie the dog

Buffy & Duffy the rabbits

Some of them have gone already and others will be going soon.

But the exciting news is that on Monday we will be taking in 3 puppies! We don't know much about them at the moment but they are approx 9 weeks old. I place a bet that they are staffie crosses, but at this stage all we know is that they have been rescued by an Inspector. I will share piccies as soon as I get them!

On a very sad note we had to have Dizzy the puppy put to sleep last night. She came into our care a month ago. She had been bought by a girl off some lads in Wythenshawe for a fiver. Puppy started fitting and so they called the RSPCA and she was admitted to our care.

Dizzy underwent extensive investigations and was on medication to try and get her fits under control but last night Jo was called out by Annie the foster carer because Dizzy was fitting and not settling. Jo was an absolute trooper and worked until the early hours of the morning taking her to the emergency vets and staying with her, but in the end she could not be stabilised and the only option left was to put her to sleep.

As you can imagine this news has really upset everyone today, but all I can say is that everything possible was done to give Dizzy a chance and we were blessed to have had the pleasure of her company whilst she was with us.

I don't want to end my first blog back after holiday on a sad note, so I'll leave it on a begging note instead! It's our Summer Fair a week on Saturday and we need donations of home produce - if you do a mean rice crispy cake, flap jack, cup cake or jam - please make and bake for us!

All details about the fair on the poster above - so please come along.