Thursday, 30 July 2009

Kirk the kitten

Look how adorable he is!! This is my latest foster animal. I had vowed no more kittens for a while, but hey, I managed two weeks, so that's not bad going really, is it?

His story is so sad, which is why I had to share it with you all. I met him on Saturday when I went to the animal hospital, and, as is usual, I came over all greedy and said we'd take him in. Jo says it's dangerous when I go down cos I always come away having pledged to take more in than we can actually squeeze in!

But, this poor little boy was left for dead in Longsight after a hit and run. A call was subsequently made to the national RSPCA helpline to say there was a kitten at the side of the road not moving, but no-one stayed with him or looked after him - they just left him there. How cruel. So, I want to believe it was the driver who made the call, cos at least that would show they had a conscience.

Anyway, the little chap was taken to our animal hospital and everyone feared the worst. He was barely conscious, unable to move and it looked like his fate was sealed. However, x-rays revealed no injuries and within two days he made the most miraculous recovery and came back to life fully without any obvious signs of bruising or pain.

The little lad is, however, quite traumatised and clearly in need of some tlc, but cos there was no other foster homes available to him he's at my house in my living room with my giant bunny Biggun, who no doubt hasn't even noticed he's that numpty. Kirk (i know, very crap name) is an absolute poppet but very scared, though he loves a fuss when you can get near him and will purr at the drop of a hat. I've listed him on the Cat Chat website today so hopefully he will find teh perfect home soon.

Today we have also taken in 5 rabbits: 4 at approx 10-12 weeks and one lionhead at approx 4-5mths. They are beautiful bunnies, really chilled and handle-able! I hope we get them homes pretty soon, as we do seem to be on a bit of a roll with rabbits at the moment. In fact, only one of our rabbits is available for adoption and even she, Bitsy, has someone going to see her this weekend.

We also have 3 dogs on reserve, which is nothing short of a miracle. Booboo the rotti is going on Friday and hopefully Tyke's home visit will pass today and he'll make his way to sunny Leicestershire at the weekend, and then there's just Spud's home visit to do. If all goes well we will be able to take in 2 more dogs from the Inspectors next week (we are over capacity by one).

So please keep everything crossed for successful outcomes and new admissions!