Thursday, 16 July 2009


OMG I can't believe it, all but 5 of our 'ready for adoption' bunnies have a reserve on them!!!!! I really cannot believe it.

Today Jonty bunny went to his new home after I did his home visit out in the Huddersfield countryside yesterday- it was a beautiful location. He is being given the very apt name of Rolo - he is a little silver fox type lop with milk choc colouring with caramel patches around the ears and belly - so Rolo really is a great name.

We have Jemima, Dora and Pecan all waiting to be 'bonded' with a suitor each - so whilst there's no guarantees it will work, we can but keep our paws crossed. And then Jack and Jill are wanted too, to live as a pair. They were abandoned together in car park in the middle of nowhere. There were two babies, Salt and Peppa with them and before long Jill gave birth to 3 more. She has taken weeks to recover from the consecutive births but she is now back to full health and living next door to her mate, and bonding will begin soon. It is a real bunny love story!

I am delighted to tell you that the home visits have also passed for Summer the cat & Lola the cat, Toffee the puppy (gone today). So all 3 puppies seemingly found a home in a week!

Today we admitted a gorgeous new fella called Sam - cor is he scrummy. He is an all black cat except for a little bib and a white belly. His owners abandoned him when they moved out. A kind neighbour has been feeding him until he could come into our care. He seems so utterly relieved and grateful to be finally indoors. He has spent the afternoon in our offices and he has just been the most loving chunky cuddle monster. i hope he gets snapped up quickly as he is so yummy scrummy.

The other animal we admitted today was a 13 week old male Jack Russell puppy. Needless to say we have nowhere for pup to go at the moment but we'll worry about that tomorrow because today we had to admit him to the vets for assessment due to his history. In brief his owner is terminally, was in hospital for the day and came home and found puppy unwell, boyfriend drunk and scarred and concluded that he had beaten up the pup. She turned to the RSPCA for help and at the emergency vets pup was found to have no obvious signs of harm but was convulsing, lethargic and with a distended tummy. So it looks possible that pup has eaten something he shouldn't have. The owner could not afford the vet bills so signed him into our care. Tomorrow we will no more but he will likely need an xray to see if there is something in his tummy.

So, you see, I couldn't turn him away. His name? Scooby! That means we have 3 animals with that name - a guinea pig, kitten and now pup.