Friday, 24 July 2009

Busy bees

I feel I need to apologise for not updating daily at the moment, it's just been really busy at the branch and now my laptop has died on me it is proving more difficult to get everything done.

So, what have we been up to? The most exciting news to share is that we now have homes for all 5 of Jo's ginger kitties. They are probably up to 13 weeks of age now and I am so surprised it has taken so long to find them homes but at least we finally have (albeit pending home visits). I was going to tell you about their tragic story but decided that you'll have to come along to our event at the 8th Day Cafe on Oxford Road on 4th August to hear it instead. I'll post more info about it next week.

Yesterday was great. We held our first rabbit welfare training for inspectors as part of the regional rabbit campaign. We had 12 people attend and it was a lively event. Great exchanges of ideas and more importantly each and everyone felt they had learnt really crucial information about rabbits.

It was run by myself, Anne from the RSPCA and the best rabbit vet in the world - Molly Varga. Actually, she really is, she's one of only two vets in the country with specialist degrees in exotics/mammalian species or something or other and so she really knows her stuff.

What really enthused me was that by the end of the training, most of the attendees openly expressed that they had learnt crucial stuff that will help them to do their job. One inspector even rang me later that day to say that she had really enjoyed it and had learnt loads and admitted she had gone along with the attitude that she knew everything she needed to know and thought it would be a waste of her time - but that this had proven to be far from the truth and she'd had a really ebneficial experience. So, how fab is that!

We have another two training sessions planned, so hopefully the positive experience will be shared amongst colleagues and more inspectors will book on to them. We were also really lucky to have a lovely aldy from head office called Rachel join us. She is the Scientific Officer for companion animals, specialising in rabbits - and I'm hopeful we are going to see some positive changes nationally in the RSPCA in terms of rabbit welafre policies and attitudes etc thanks to Rachel's passion for them furry buggars!

And, of course, I couldn't end today's blog without updating you on Alfie the puppy. Well, firstly, I must tell you I am in the serious bad books of my 10 year old niece Charlotte - oops! Charlotte and I are holding an under 11s discos on 1st August to raise money for the branch. I decided to issue a press release about 'Charlotte's fundraiser' and how she helps her mum with fostering our animals and that the latest one was a beaten puppy.

I sent it to the Salford Advertiser who liked the story and asked to photograph Charlotte and Alfie - only I never asked Charlie's permission and so mean auntie Susie is making her do it! And Charlotte has been absolutely mortified and furious with me - she's at that peculiar age. However, she did share her mars bar with me yesterday, so I can't be in that much trouble anymore!?!

But now, I'm not quite sure what I'm in trouble for! Because the paper now want her mum included in the photos and Charlie is livid cos "mum will ruin it". Go figure, hey.

Anyway, pup is making the most remarkable recovery. He is so much brighter and alert and he is finally playing! He gets giddy now, like puppies should, and he did his second bark yesterday. He has stopped convulsing when he breathes too and his head is almost straightened now, though I'm not sure it will ever be completely straight.

The future is looking so bright for him now and next week we will start looking for a home for him. Ahhhhhh.