Sunday, 9 August 2009

I want my job back!

Our Animal Care Manager Jo is on leave for two weeks, this being the end of the first, which means whilst she is away I take on her role to some degree and I can tell you - I want my job back! My head is far happier creating press releases and event ideas than juggling spaces to squeeze in more animals. The only good thing is we have picked up a little on the rehoming front, so we've been a bit busy and which is why I've only just realised I hadn't blogged since Thursday!

Since I last typed little Alfie the puppy has gone to a new home in sunny Southport with two other terriers and an enormous garden, which he will no doubt spend endless hours mooching around - bless him! His foster mum, 'r Julie', got all teary but she said it was because of how well he had recovered from his trauma and how far he had come along. He is also in the Salford Advertiser this weekend as a follow up to our Under 11s Disco. It pictures Alfie, Julie and her daughter and is all about how much was raised for our rehoming service. But get this, someone went to the venue it was held at yesterday and gave us an anonymous donation of £60 - all because of seeing the little lad in the paper - how fantastic is that!

Me and 'r Julie' (she hates me calling her that) went to play with our dogs and cats yesterday and take new piccies. We had such fun. Catherine and I bathed Ben and Charlie that dogs and I think had as much fun as they did. I am now making it my mission to find them and Harley the dog a new home, so here goes with the hard sell for today!!
Pictured is my little man Charlie, he has well and truly stolen my heart, even though it is Catherine he is besotted with. If you want a real character in your life and you don't mind him getting filthy from splashing in every puddle he can find, then he is the dog for you!
Charlie is great with other dogs and came from a home of 9 children. He is approx 18 months old and every bit as fun and funny as he looks - adopt Charlie, today!
We've also had a few reserves yesterday: my little kitten Kirk is destined to live in Skelmersdale with two cat friends, another of the baby boy bunnies is destined for a girlfriend called Nutella and Cloud - our gorgeous hunky white cat - is destined for a home with 3 other cats! Fab news I reckon and you never know, we may have more reserved today. So, I promise to update you tomorrow and give you the hard sell on another of our fab dogs that have been overlooked for far too long.