Monday, 24 August 2009

Mission for the week

With the success of last week's mission, you know, finding homes for some of our pork, I thought it could become my Monday theme. This would be especially good because next week I'm off to a festival so then it could be to drink lots of beer!

So, for this week I am torn between two ideas....
Picture One is of Cindy the Persian - it makes me pee from laughing it's so funny.
Picture Two is off Bonnie the pup

Shall I give myself a real challenge and say that by the end of the week I hope to have found a home for them both? Oh go one then. So, let me tell you all about them.

Cindy is a little love. She had clearly been wandering stray for a very long time because she was emaciated and badly matted and had terrible diarrhoea, and I mean, terrible. Twas liquid. She's recovered from this now and it seems to have been a tummy infection but she will need to be on a sensitive diet with the same food to keep her tip top. Poor Cindy had to be shaved all over cos she was so badly matted - the indignity of it - but the fur is starting to grow back. She is in foster care with Jo, who has started getting her used to being groomed and is now quite tolerant of it except for on her paws. Cindy is very loving and loves other cats too.

Next up is Bonnie - she is only 6 months old, her owner went to prison and his girlfriend didn't want her so we got her, and we are so glad we did. However, she can't cope with kennels and she'll be moving into foster home next week if we haven't found her a home by then. The poor girl is so worried that we have to lift her out cos she won't walk past the other dogs - bless!

Anyway, she was supposed to be a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but she isn't, she's a Mancunian pedigree, i.e. staffie cross! She is a beautiful fun loving bundle of energy who is going to need to go to training classes. She is an absolutely sweetheart and will be an ever so loving family dog to children ages 8 and over cos she's very giddy!

Did I do a good job? Great, will you adopt them now please so I can move on to next week's mission sooner?!