Friday, 14 August 2009

Nearly the end

I am delighted to say that it is nearly the end of the week. It has been a phenomenal week, probably record breaking in our history (of late, anyway), cos guess what? We had another 5 animals reserved yesterday!!!

Beauty & Bonnie the cats, Toby the cat, Princess the rabbit and best of little Charlie dog (well, alright, Catherine's little Charlie dog - given how besotted he is with her).

Tomorrow we are at the Donkey Sanctuary summer fair doing microchipping for a £1, so I'm doing last minute catch up in the office before Monday. Catherine and I have been musing over how strange it is that Jo (animal care manager) has not been in touch to learn all the goings on. She can't usually take a day off without ringing so how she has managed 2 weeks I don't know. So, either she is being a very good girl and waiting to call me Sunday evening (cos she won't last til Monday), or, which I suspect is more likely - she has been following the blog.

Busted - Jo Yoli!!!!!

We've been at the rabbits today, cleaning out and fussing them and microchipping all the newbies. So, inevitably, bunnies are uppermost in my mind today. I am, to say the least, a little bamboozled. Firstly, someone failed to turn up to admit their rabbit - which really got my goat cos we were doing this as a favour for someone we know who knows this person. We only usually admit from the Inspectors or animal hospital so this was a big favour. But secondly, Catherine found a bloke walking topless down the street in Chorlton just over an hour ago with a baby rabbit in his arms. She said he was all over the shop and even walked out in front of her on the road! Catherine came and got me and it soon became evident that this man was an alcoholic and mentally ill. Unfortunately the best I managed was to get the rabbit in a pet carrier. But it so mashed potatoed my head up! Sometimes I think I've heard and seen it all but then things like this happen. I wish I'd got the rabbit off him, but I didn't and I regret it. He said he was taking it home having just got it - which I can believe because it was a baby albino lop girl.

Hmph and grrrr.