Wednesday, 12 August 2009


It's my day off today but I took delivery of a new foster kitten and went down to see our other new dog at the kennels.

New kitten is going to prove very hard work as she needs cage rest for at least a month to heal a rather badly fractured elbow - except she won't shut up or stay still. She's in a huge dog crate and I've already caught her climbing up the sides of the cage using her poorly arm - how on earth am I going to keep a kitten from being a kitten; I don't know!
What else can I tell you? One of the Inspectors has rung me to ask us to take in two 'case' rabbits - which means their owners are under investigation and so the rabbits cannot be rehomed until they are either signed over by the owners or a court agrees to let them become our 'property' so to speak. This story is crazy - dumped in a park in a cardboard box, which in itself is not unusual for rabbits and cats, but in this instance the owner's address was on a label on the box!
Abandoning an animal is a criminal offence, more over, the state of the animals was so bad that in my opinion it warrants prosecution enall. Needless to say the rabbits are very ill but I've had a chat with our rabbit vet about treatment etc and she will be giving them all they need to keep them comfy and as well as can be.

Rabbits really do get a shit deal out of life - unless they live at my house, Gilly's house or Hannah's house - in which case they take advantage of your good nature and strip your wallpaper, eat your skirting board, wee on your floor and eat you out of all the veggies in cupboard so you have nothing to eat for your tea - butties it is for tea again then!