Friday, 21 August 2009

Gala Evening Launch

Despite being off the last two days my phone has been non-stop, including a call at 8pm from an Inspector last night asking us to take in 7 dogs (which we will when we can). The phones have been non-stop all week from people with cats and kittens they no longer want, need, can keep or have found stray - allegedly. We currently have about 5 cats/kittens and about 10 dogs/pups waiting to come in. Please can we have a rabbit instead?

Yesterday was another one of those crap days where we had to have an animal put to sleep, and guess what, it was a rabbit again. From the same litter as the last one we had to let go and with the same neurological problems. The vet thinks that it may possibly be related to the Herpes virus that mum may have contracted that in turn can manifest as encephalitis in the babies. What was also sad about loosing him was that someone had reserved him, had their home visit done and was waiting to take him home. But they were really understanding, to which I am truly grateful.

So, what's all this about a gala evening then, hey? Well, in all honesty we are a bit up shit creek financially. I won't bore you, cos everyone is moaning about being skint, but on the year so far we are £40,000 down, which is a bit scary and it's cos we aren't getting the donations coming in. So, yours truly has come up with a fundraising idea and it is an ethical and animal free gala evening. Take a look at the poster and please buy a ticket! Please.