Friday, 28 August 2009

Crazy day

We had a crazy day yesterday at the Partington Free Pet Health Clinic. We had a huge turn out and coped admirably with one vet down enall. The team all worked so hard and we got through 214 animals in 6 hours! Just phenomenal. Slept straight through last night, which shows how knackered I was. Best of all, no-one kicked off! Which makes a change for us. A few welfare warnings were issued and a couple of animals identified as being very ill, and all in all we seemed to have happy animals and happy customers.

Today is our only day in the office until Monday now so got heaps of catching up to do, and with me being away next week I really need to find a new home for my kitten, JP. Look at his picture - he is sooo cute. He is actually desperate for a companion to play with so, in my earnest attempt to reach more people, I've finally set myself up a thingy on Facebook, but at the moment it is a bit like pulling teeth, but I'm getting there! So, I'm going to send him out on that in the hope this may prove successful - well, you never know!

I'm also delighted to share that one of our longer stay cats, Woody, has finally found himself a home and he is going on Sunday - yippee, and today our gorgeous dog Gizmo is going to his new home too. It's a good job cos we've still got loads of dogs waiting to come in and heaps of cats we are having to squeeze in somewhere - dunno where yet though but I'll update you as soon as I can. Oh, and I did a bad thing - I took in two more bunnies yesterday from one of the Inpsectors knowing full well that one of the newbies from Tuesday is nesting and getting ready to drop! Oh blimey, we are going to be over-run by Father Jack's "Hairy Japanese Bastards".