Thursday, 17 September 2009

Kitty Cats!

I am so chuffed to tell you that we've had a good run on cats this week. We have a reserve on Milo, Port, Rosie & Morris, Sooty and we have a lady who will take a cat or cats that we feel are most in need - how fab is that - and people coming to see Cindy (the last two people changed their mind, so it's 3rd time lucky for her) and Smokey.

In one week we have also had to admit 5 cats that we have no space for. By the end of today there will be 4 living in our offices as we just have nowhere else for them to go and had no choice but to take them in. Talk about under pressure.

We have also had a new dog admission this week. He is an old boy of 11 years old, but as he arrived on Tuesday and I've been off the last two days I don't know anymore about him yet. I'm sure he is called something imaginative like Blackie or Rover but I'll let you know more when I do.

This weekend's events are looking more and more - what's the word - mmmm, well, let me tell you. Loads of publicity has been done for the Saturday Salford Council event but no mention anywhere that we are doing microchipping for a £1. And then, yesterday, I find out that the Chorlton Water Park event people were expecting me to have organised their dog show - mmm, yes, a new one on me and not one I had ever agreed to. So, cos they are snookered, and cos it's for Christies Hospital, I've agreed to step in and help with prizes, registration stuff, compering
and finding judges. You know what they say - it'll be alright on the night! But if anyone has any clever ideas for dog show categories that are a bit in-keeping with the theme of Christie's please let me know. survivor, most decrepit, dog most in need of putting down ....oooo, Susie, how naughty!

Anyway my last bit of therapeutic blogging of the day is the gala evening.....
I feel like I have been taken over. I'm even dreaming about it now, such is my sad and pathetic life. But on a positive note, I got my dress from our Chorlton shop for a fiver last week and bought a fab pair of shoes yesterday from Marks and Sparks to go with it - fascinating stuff, huh. I actually think I will rest a lot easier when the ticket sales money starts coming in - it is just so nerve wracking and I'm getting fed up with it all. I don't think I could do this again, my nerves won't take it.

Next time, on Susie's blog...all about her fabulous new kitten. I'm in love!