Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Very excited!

I've had my two foster kittens in the office with me the last two days - both are feeling a little under the weather and on antibiotics for what seems to be a mild tummy bug (phoo-wee someones just done a poop!). Little Petey (only about 7 weeks old) has just wanted to sleep today but his companion Meg (about 11 weeks) as had sheer monkeyness on her today - she's currently scratching at the wallpaper despite the perfectly good cat scratching post opposite her! I love kittens ;o)

Jo has come back from our rabbits with another one for me to foster. This poor girl has a bite wound on her lip - she managed to escape from her enclosure late last week so she has obviously been putting her snout somewhere she shouldn't have - which all means my extra time in bed in teh mornings has gone out the window for the foreseeable future now that I have 5 foster animals and all my tribe to sort - grrrr, bloody rabbits!

So, I will keep you in suspense no longer. I have possibly some of the most exciting news to share. Our second longest stay dog, Roma (pictured), has found herself a home at last. Roma has featured regularly in my blogs and I am so pleased someone really brilliant has come forward to help this old lady with all her aches and pains. She really is one of the best dogs ever and to finally see an end to her RSPCA journey is just incredible - she first came in nearly two years ago because her owners had starved her close to death. It took a year for the prosecution and court case to conclude and we have had her ever since then - nearly 10 months. I am so utterly delighted that today sees a silver lining to her cloud.

Roma's new owners seem to tick all the boxes and so we are hoping that the home visit later in the week will just be a formality. Please keep everything crossed for her as she truly is a deserving animal.

My other big smiles of the week include - wonderful tickets sales for the gala and very wonderful and generous donations and offers of help from various companies - this is going to be an amazing night out - so don't miss out on the last few tickets!

The other big smile is about the kitten lickens pictured above....a lovely family went to view the two torty girls on Sunday with a view to adopting them. Jesse (b&w kitten) was left upstairs but howling so loudly at being left alone that his foster mum brought him down to keep him happy. Well, the little lad sold himself so well that the family decided they couldn't leave him on his ownsome so they are having them all! How greedy and fantastic is that! I really love kittens even if they do do whiffy poos.