Thursday, 14 January 2010

Down but not defeated

We have had a really disappointing day today at out first pet health clinic of the year. Usually we see an average of 120-140 animals attend our free pet health clinics but today only 17 turned up! I wouldn't mind so much but it cost well over £400 to stage.

The only things we have done differently is to charge £3 for microchipping, where as before it was free, but we just can't afford to do it for free any more. And we also didn't leaflet local houses this time cos of the weather, but even so we had a piece in the newspaper, posters everywhere and internet ads. In fact we had more phone calls and emails about the event than we did animals turn up!

Well, I suppose you just can't win them all and I do think the icy roadsa nd pavements probably didn't help either, but it sure does feel like a bit of a punch in the stomach, especially when every penny really counts these days and you want to spend it wisely. But at least we made use of our exotics vet with the attendance of a carpet snake and a beautiful lop eared bunny.

Well, let's hope the next one in Old Trafford sees a better response. In case you want to come along it is on Saturday 13th Feb 12- 4 at Old Trafford Community Centre on Shrewsbury Road. There will free vet health checks, including an exotics vet, microchipping for £3 and us lot looking pretty!