Thursday, 15 September 2011

Cattery Wishes Come True

I am very keen to express our immense gratitude to everyone who has responded to our appeal for equipment and toys for our cattery.

We have received a really fantastic response and I cannot tell you all how much it means to us, but most importantly the cats in our care.

I got this text from one of our staff this morning, hopefully this aptly sums it up....

"I'm at the cattery.It's just one huge play pen here. Everyone this morning is enjoying the new gifts."

Whilst pictures may say a thousand words Catherine's text just made me beam.

Thank you everyone who has helped to enrich our cat's lives, especially Ben (pictured above in full play mode). I mentioned in my last blog. He has been with us since 10th June and will not doubt be with us a whole lot longer because he is black and very 'playful'. The toys and equipment means that Ben's life (and the other cats') will be far better whilst he waits for that elusive forever home.

Thank you so much. You know who you all are.