Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Happy Tails Tuesday: Tabitha & Douglas

This week's 'Happy Tails Tuesday' features RSPCA rescue rabbits Tabitha & Douglas owned by volunteer Ruth Coxon...

Basil (originally Bob) and Tabitha

Basil and his identical brother, Patrick, were rescued by RSPCA inspectors from cramped and neglectful conditions back in the summer of 2008. They were about 3 years old and were very close. From when I adopted them they had access to a large, secure garden to run and binky to their hearts content. Initially this was so alien to them, it took them months to really settle in. They had a very happy life together until January this year when poor Patrick was infected with e-cuniculi and died - Basil was devastated. I saw Tabitha on the RSPCA website having been rescued from an over populated situation where fighting with other buns was quite normal. I brought her home to see if they would fall in love, and she realised what an absolute sweetheart Basil is - they are now inseparable as the photo clearly shows!

Douglas (originally Morrissey)

Douglas’s mum was rescued by the RSPCA when she was heavily pregnant. She had a litter of 6 kits with Douglas being the 2nd largest. A little earlier in 2010, Heidi, my harlequin bun was bereaved and on her own. Now Heidi is not a bun to tolerate anyone or anything readily but Douglas was just too cute to resist with all that lion head fur and gorgeous expressions! Their mutual grooming and love of coriander & parsley have meant their relationship has gone from strength to strength.

Next week, Pip the dogs story....