Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Our 50th Birthday & why we need your support

This December our branch will be 50 years old. Many of you will be reading this thinking: ‘hold on the RSPCA has been going for hundreds of years!’ Well that is true, the National RSPCA was founded in 1824 (a mere 189 years old!) but our charity is an independent and entirely separate one established in 1963. The National RSPCA employ inspectors, runs the emergency rescue line and spearheads National animal welfare campaigns amongst a myriad of other roles.

Our branch on the other hand focuses on rehoming animals that are rescued by National RSPCA inspectors via the emergency rescue line from cruelty, neglect and abandonment. We also (when we can afford to) host chipping and neutering events for people in the local area on low incomes. It costs us £30,000 a month to run our branch and we raise all our own funds from the public. This is why when times get tough in society they get really tough for us.

Earlier this year we were facing the real possibility of closing. Donations and legacies are down whilst the demand on us to take in animals is rocketing. Obviously, when you decide as a charity to funnel your limited resources to helping the most abused and mistreated animals in our society you have to be prepared for the massive financial burden. We don’t choose which animals we get, so we never know what will walk, hop or scurry through the door next! We rarely get animals that are healthy enough to go straight up for adoption (behaviourally or medically).  Dogs often need months of behaviour modification training. This year alone we have had one dog terrified of leads and another so anxious she would constantly jump 6ft into the air (Tilly pictured below, now ready for rehoming after lots of hard work by the team).


Often we have cats that have had little socialisation with people (particularly from multiple cat households), lots of cats that need time in foster homes or ones that are so poorly from the abuse they have received it takes around-the-clock care to bring them back from the brink (particularly the case when new born kittens are abandoned without mothers). We have taken in a heck of a lot of starved and emaciated animals that take considerable time and effort to try and bring back to health.

So whilst we are extremely happy to be celebrating 50 years of the wonderful work our past and present teams do at the same time we have no idea if we’ll be around for another 5 years, let alone 50. However, we never rest! We have two events coming up that we hope will raise us lots of money and make our charity more secure, even if just for the short term. As with all our events they will be vegetarian but there’s vegan options too.

This Saturday we have our Strictly Tea Dance event in Chorlton!

Come along for a professional Waltz dance lesson (bad dancers welcome!) followed by a scrummy Afternoon Tea, fabulous raffle and much more!

It’s £12 per ticket which you can buy via Paypal, cheque or in person at our Chorlton charity shop on Wilbraham Road. Just email or call 0161 882 0680 for more info.

Our biggest event of the year is our Purrfect Party III! This is the 3rd year we will be hitting the Worsley Court House for a delicious two-course supper buffet (vegetarian & vegan), live music, entertainment, bar, quiz, auction and raffle. It’s a great chance to come along and meet our team, volunteers, adopters and other passionate animal lovers.

Tickets are £20 which you can buy online, via Paypal, cheque or in person at our Chorlton charity shop on Wilbraham Road. Just email or call 0161 882 0680 for more info.