Monday, 26 October 2009

Fluffy Nuisances!

I currently have my Tilly Looney causing as much mayhem and mischief as possible in my office! At present she is trying to claw all the notes off my wall space in front of my laptop and is incredibly chuffed with herself. Tilly is with me because she has a nasty eye infection and needs drops putting in 4 times a day, which consequently means I get no peace, at all. God I love her - she's just the best mentalist ever!

We have had a fabuous run on cat rehomings of late -we have had several go out this weekend and so we are really pleased to be able to say 'yes' again to the animal hospital and hopefully Inspectors too.

We also have a load new dogs in, who will all enjoy a doggy day trip out on Saturday as a team of staff and volunteers are taking them to the water park for a long walk and play on Halloween. But I'm gutted that no-one has come forward to adopt our gorgeous tripod Skipper yet. We thought he would have been snapped up by now.

When I get piccies of the new dogs I'll be sure to list them and tell you all about them - hopefully later today. For now, I'd best get on before Tilly Looney destroys my office any further!